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Strokes can be funny

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The other day I was sitting in my chair and my boyfriend's 16 year old son comes to the doorway to tell me something. He was holding one of those little cheese sauce cups from Little Caesar's with the top pulled up but still attached and he was licking the sauce out of it. I said, "Dude, are you seriously eating cheese sauce?" He said "no" and walked away. He came back a few minutes later to tell me something else and he was still licking away at the cheese sauce. I said, "Isn't that gross to eat just plain cheese sauce?" He said, "Nicole! It's a CUPCAKE!" He walked over and held it out to me so I could see it better. Sure enough, it was a cupcake. He'd been licking the icing off it. So I  said, "And now you see why your dad won't let me drive." 

That really is a perfect example of the brain not being able to interpret what the eyes are seeing. 

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Absolutely Nicole!!

As we all know, the brain works in mysterious ways!

I'm glad you can see humour in the situation. 

If we can't laugh...well, what else is there?

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LOL Nicole I am so thankful for my own since of humor. I have not always been so amused by it but OMG I have had the funniest things like that happen. I feel good when I can take a negative situation and find the humor in it! I'll have to start a thread about funny "stroke" memories. I would love to hear others. 😁

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