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Sometimes what seems like a curse is a true blessing

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Merry Christmas, Happy 2nd day of Kwanza, Happy John the Evangelist Day..


I hope everyone's Christmas, or whatever celebration if any, was good to you. 


I was celebrating my day with my son, who understood that I worked until 11p and didn't get home till 12a and you know , you can't go to sleep right after so 2am it is, didn't have a problem that we started opening our gifts around 10a. WHEW. His father was coming to pick him up around noon, for we share all holidays, so we did a whirl wind to my parents. Oh yeah, they live about 30 secs driving time from me :)  so no worries. We had a great time. Ok so 2:30p my phone rings. I'm thinking it's my son from Florida.. NO.. it's my job. The Big Guy in charge for South Jersey...asking me to please go to a group home to help them out . I'm starting to sweat thinking about working n a group home... sometimes lifting is involved.  My neurologist gave specific instructions saying I'm not to. I mean he of all people should know that.. right?

One would because god forbid I get hurt or hurt another individual or worker.. right? So my fight or flight kicked in.. I called up my supervisor and unleashed a thread of words I didn't know I had in me. I threatened to walk out and quit if asked to lift. FINE

I walked in to the group home, mind you I work one-on-one now yet I worked in an institution pre stroke, with a panic look and saying all I can't do off the bat.


Needless to say about 30 mins in, I was practically apologizing to the staff there for being so rude. My heart grew so huge that day. The individuals there were so amazing and again showed me that no matter what comes there way, enjoy what you can do.  Life goes on. I sadly knew this but I forgot this simple thought. I met some of the most beautiful souls, staff and residents, that day.       Nothing stops for them nor should it stop for you.  They have learned different ways of enjoying the things they love. Sure there are many things I can't do that I see my friends do, knowing I once could, but the alternative is not being here to do it. 

( my highlight gift was from my parents.. from the movie; 'A Christmas Story' Ralphie's aunt gave him a pink bunny suit.. BY GOD THEY FOUND ONE IN MY SIZE. I'VE AWAYS WANTED ONE. MY FAVORITE CHRISTMAS MOVIE. He hated to wear it and pouted, which is why I am) 



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Loving the suit!

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