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There has been some confusion regarding which chat rooms 


There are three (3) chat rooms in our chat area

(1. # Social ( coffee shop)

(2. # caregiver

(3. #Stroke Survivor #2


Back in the days of Host Denny, Friday evenings were designated as a social occasion  in a 'coffee shop' This chat is open to all members ( Survivors, caregivers, family, etc )  


Stroke Survivor room # 2 is primarily for survivors


Caregivers- All of the caregivers and family  



Monday-Friday afternoons (3-4pm Est)   Stroke Support #2


Monday & Wednesday evening 8-9 pm Est) Stroke support #2


Tuesday evening ( 8-9pm Est)  Caregiver 


Friday evening (8-9 pm Est)  Social coffee shop




The only difference for Friday is it's open to everyone who wants to come. There is only one (1) caregiver chat so this opens up the availability for another chat. Yes, there are more chats for survivors. Our website was made for survivors and designed by a survivor. This is not to prevent caregivers or family from joining our chats but to give and show support to others who stroke has struck and feel like they have no else to turn to for support.


 I hope this helps and if there are still questions, please contact me ksmith@strokenetwork.org

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