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Why not start a blog?

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I have put this in Off-Topic Discussions because a blog can be just that. Think of a title like Corona ruined my life! or Ten weeks in Solitude or How I used my Isolation time and just write it all out. You may not think you are a writer but we all have our own stories. I am an "Old Person" now and I listen to a lot of stories.


To find the Blog section click on the three parallel lines at the top right hand side of your page, when the drop down list appears click on Comunity and when the list comes up click on Blogs. Then you will see either Create a Blog or Add an entry if you have a blog already. Give your new blog entry a title and type in your story for this week, this month or this year.


Here is an explanation of what a blog is ( I am not the author of this explanation).

A  blog is a personal journal of your daily life as a stroke survivor or stroke caregiver.  Surprisingly, countless members have called it therapeautic to write down their thoughts and to vent their frustrations.  You can make it private, just for your eyes or public and share your personal thoughts with your friends.  Why not try it, create your blog and start writing and see if it helps you.  



So go ahead and share your thoughts and see how you feel. Don't be shy we are here to cheer you up or cheer you on.



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