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A friend of mine reckons remedial massage is THE solution to ALL my problems. 


Yep, this friend is a remedial massage guy.


So...Is he correct?



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I don't know about solve ALL your problems. And unfortunately NDIS won't fund it as they don't believe it's medical. But I find it very useful for relieving spacticity (in the short term at least, it works well) and I do it as stop gap when physio isn't available. NDIS won't pay for it but health insurance extras will cover some.

It's one of those things where it shouldn't cause problems and it may help, so what have you got to lose. I won't say it won't hurt, it often does especially when working "trigger points" or particularly upset muscles. But it's a gain outweighs pain scenario for me.  My physio does a lot of muscle release manipulation and walking needs a lot less effort after one of his sessions.

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Thanks Heather. 

Typical about ndis not covering it.

Good news, they'll pay  my house cleaning each month!! Only up to a certain amount, but something is better than nothing!


I might actually ask my physio about the remedial massage. 


When I go, I don't get exercises etc, she just works on whatever is bothering me.



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