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You all know I'm pretty much incontinent these days.

When Carrah and I took the bus to Perth, there was only one stop, two hours in.

Because of this, I didn't drink at all, because trying to use the loo on the moving bus is never ends well.

I didn't drink enough all weekend,  nor Sunday as we flew home. Definitely didn't want to use the plane's loo.


Anyway, my head has been weird as I have been trying to get my water intake up.


Weird, being sharp pains, numbness and obviously, headaches. 


Back to normal now.


Just wondering if anyone suffers if they are dehydrated. 


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Yes and in my case it lowers my BP enough to cause fainting etc. A side effect of now having a missing major brain artery.  I had food poisoning the other week and it made me very dehydrated even though I was awre of the issue and doing all I could to keep my fluids up I was not able to  and it took 3 days of Gastrolyte post the problem to get me back to normal.


Next time maybe consider an adult diaper or a catheter for the trip. I so understand not wanting to use the bus or plane loo.  Remember continence aids are covered in your NDIS consumables.

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