A sick person who happened to have a stroke

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Ok, so for the last month or so, I've been getting all this pain in my right side. Like, continual stabbing pain.

It was coming and going, then just coming.  

Crying coming.

I went to the doctor and he had a feel of my guts but couldn't find anything specific. 

So I had a blood test and a wee test.

I had a urine infection, and antibiotics sorted (hopefully) that out.

The doctor also ordered a CT, as I had no symptoms of anything, really. 

Turns out I have an umbilical hernia. 

Okey dokey then. 

Obviously why I'm in constant pain.


I've also got diabetes. 


I've got high cholesterol.


I think I may need hearing aids.


I wear glasses. Have done for years due to being hit in the eye with a field hockey stick.  My close up vision is now suffering. 


Oh did I mention I had a stroke?


Some of you know that I didn't technically stroke, but I walk like a duck and talk like a duck...you know?


These days, my stroke is old news. I keep having these other problems arise, each one causing more problems than the last.


Not a happy camper.



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Hi Janelle, I'd love to have a solution or could magically wish away all your health issues. What I can do in the least is add a small prayer your way. It helps. You're a very kind, compassionate, and caring person, it's almost difficult to imagine that so many good people are afflicted by health issues, and most difficult some of the terminal kind. My prayer for you is that God strengthen your heart, mind, and body that you continue to give support to and encourage many that suffer many debilitating issues and struggles as you do. Your words have been soothing and helpful to many that needed a kind word. This is who you are to me, and I thank you for your honesty and sharing. I've mentioned a couple times before, one of the greatest attributes here with the membership, is that we are so similar in so many ways, both physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. It is an anchor in a crazy tumultuous sea that keeps me here..that very thing that "I'm not alone" always strikes me. Holds me, keeps me grounded so to speak. It's such a essential release for me when I hear that others are going through something identical or similar when I thought it was just me. On many occasions something that you've expressed has always lifted my mind and heart. Many here have and I think it's important to know this. What you write and feel impact many that you're not even aware of, intentionally or otherwise.


And I thank you for being open and candid, you've helped me again today to reinforce that were much the same, albeit the symptoms may vary, the reality is you feel like me sometimes. Very much needed at a time that it's real, and happening to others too I can imagine, your words are healing.


Thank you for your post, once again it strikes close to home with me as many of those types of conditions and nagging issues rear up their ugly heads yet even today, "I'm not alone!" ....you go girl, you have my thoughts and prayers!



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(((HUGS))) Janelle.


Sometimes it feels so overwhelming when one problem cascades into another. If it helps blame your genes or the "joys" of an imperfect world. I joke with my mother that she did a bad job of growing me, but doing that relies on the sort of relationship you have with your family and how each family copes with "crap". My family look at the silly side, we know it's not something anyone can alter or did, so we laugh at the "horrors" and hence find them less of a burden.


One day at a time, one problem at a time, minute by minute sometimes.  You do what you can and let the rest through to the keeper.


Hang in there, tomorrow it won't feel so overwhelming



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The problem for me is that sometimes with these "little problems" I don't know whether they're stroke-related or old-age-related. Or, neither  ?Becky


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It is almost like the bodies we inhabit are not content unless there is a problem. Every time you solve the  current one another one pops up to take its place. If you are not quick enough to do this or you are tough and ignore them then you can end up with a whole stack of unsolvable ones.

I dont know whether this is any consolation to other readers or even if I've added to the conversation at all, but just felt a little bored and have no cat to throw a stone at and no dog to shout at but feel that I shouldn't waste the day doing nothing.


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Deigh I was just thinking the same thing. Seems I get on top of one problem and another appears. I had an old friend who used to answer the question: "How are you?" with the answer: "As well as can be expected." And I think that goes for most of us.


Janelle, hang in there. All problems have a solution, the list may be long but one by one you will find an answer and hopefully cross one off the list. When I had the PET scan three years ago I had a lot of major problems. Now four operations later I have just the normal problems of old age. Unless the next PET scan in February uncovers more. Enjoy the life you have, 

let the docs worry about your problems. That is what we pay them to do.

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