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Help With Medication Costs (Quick Find)

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Hi Everyone,


This is a list of organizations that help with medication costs for people without insurance coverage. The below information was originally given by Dawghouse in a comment blog and I just added the websites. Thanks Bonnie! (Although I think Steven S. was the first to post about Needy Meds.) If anyone else knows of other programs to add to the list, please post here. Help make it easier for others in need to find this kind of information. Jean



Rx Assist



Needy Meds



RX Outreach



Medication Program



Social Security program number: SSA-1020-OCR-SM



Medicare Part D and Me


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Jean when I worked as a medical assistant, almost all pharmaceutical companies have programs to help with medication costs.. you contact the Drug company..ie Pfizer, Merck. Glaxo, etc

I know I was able to get very expensive drugs for patients for $20.00 to free.. I have not checked out on line how to contact the drug companies..

A patient when I was a pharmacy technician would come in with a plastic card from the drug company. I punched in the numbers and his medication was free.. the drug company paid the pharmacy.

again the drug companies need to be contacted and usually forms filled out.

These are from Brand name drug companies and not Generic drug companies.

If you have questions I can try to help answer you can PM or e mail me.


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Guest ssanchez

NEEDYMEDS is the one is used and I payed nothing for plavix and dilantin all you have to do is fill out your portion of the application and then , have your Dr fill out his portion.

Its that easy biggrin.gifbiggrin2.gif mail and wala you'll get your meds for free.

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