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I have balance and bouncing eye issues and due to location so all posts here I relate to. Therapy kept me strong and accountable. 

Different therapists have different tricks. One printed exercises and I made album so I could later do them. But now I on oxygen so my PT said I needed the cardiologist to  authorize to do  anything.

But I hope you see someone who specialized in vestibular therapy like mine because I had the Canolith repositioning procedure when I first had a stroke and I believe it helped. I am going to have the procedure again soon because recently I have been having trouble from frequent sinus and ear infections.

I am a hot mess. I stand and I feel weird off like I just got off an E ticket ride. I must wait for my eyes to adjust. My prob is BPPV plus residual from brain trauma from the ichemic stroke. But the mere fact I can stand fools others into thinking I am normal. For me I also take medication for motion sickness which describes how I feel when I am still or move or go in a moving vehicle like the complicate this is that the tiny crystals move again and again so no one can tell the reason for my dizziness and unsteadiness with nausea that chimes in. Then my blood pressure drops when I stand so add that in. Closing my eyes does not help. I try and fixate on something I know woul never move and hold onto anything except a person because I wobble feeling their every wiggle. Now I have involuntary Jerks which are earthquakes in my world. And this symphony of disfunction is exhausting. I need more sleep just being awake. When I am in my familiar spaces I am better than not familiar. Indoors better than outdoors. 

Have you ever been siting in a car when the car next to you backs out and for a second you feel as if YOU are the moving object instead? I experience this alot. And for me I must be touching something ALWAYS.  You will never see me doing a Julie Andrew's Sound of Music thing in my bathroom much less on top of a Mountain. I never outstretched my arms and stand alone. One hand needs to trail..along a wall or 2 fingers on my dresser. Or my walker.  Once my son let go of me in a store just for a second and I immediately leaned to the left but I knew Dizzy and OFF buttoned not fix it. Walking to my bathroom is like maneuvering through a fun house already but in the forest I feel like I an Unteathered in Outer Space. This floating sensation like tumbling in slow motion. I hit the floor before I realize I was listing left. My leg buckles unexpected sometimes. 

MY RIGHT LEG. PT explained for a split second my brain looses my right leg. And then it does this thing like someone pushed in my knee from the back. It is frightening because it is unpredictable. BUT THE PAIN IS NEVER INTERRUPTED. BUTsometimes it changes shape. Imagine my pain entity over my head. What feeds it? It changes colors and shapes and then textures or flavors. All I want is for someone to ask me about all those variations and not just the intensity numbers.because I can cope with burning when it is intense but not pins and needles added and this swirls in a tornado in my mind which cannot organize my speech. Did I once teach? I can barely order lunch but I can make a Dr. Appointment so go figure. Frustrating people think they can touch my leg still after all the time I am here. It burns. I feel like I stand in pain and dizziness and others tell me to hurry up they gotta go..but I am on me time in my world now. If I look to Outer edges I feel in a kaleidoscope even with new glasses. 


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Wow Pam, you certainly do have it all going on!


All the best with your next procedure. 


Take care



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