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AlanD was a regular contributor to this forum about a year ago and came up with some interesting advice about the qualities of potatoe starch. I took his advice and have been a regular user of the powder, mixing it with my morning cornflakes. Thanks to Covid shipping problems a lot of stuff is temporarily off the market here and potatoe starch is one of those. I want to ask if there is an alternative I can use, Cornstarch is similiar as  is water chestnut flour and even Tapioca.


Alan does not appear regularly on the forum nowadays but I know he occasionally logs in just to read and catch up. If anyone knows him personally I'd appreciate the question being put to him, because I'm not sure exactly what the extract does to ones diet and I'm anxious to replace it.



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Hi Deigh, a little quick research suggests that it's very similar to the inulin powder that I use to promote gut health and better sleep.  Although inulin ( sold here as prebiotic powder) does not have the thickening properties that potato starch is often used for. Cornstarch while it can be used in cooking as an alternative thickener is not a resistant starch, and would not have the same health benefits as the potato starch. https://www.healthline.com/nutrition/resistant-starch-101


Good luck with finding a replacement, the article has some suggestions you could try.

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Heather, thanks for that but I'm a simple man and reading the information on that site you directed me to has thoroughly confused me. I think that until more supplies come into my local shop I'll just miss it out of my diet!

I know you were meaning to help and I appreciate it but..................


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Mmmm. Deigh, my friend. 

Potatoes in your cereal?

I'll leave that to you!!


That's the problem with covid though, so many changes...


Hope you find a replacement. 


What about psyllium? Probably not spelled correctly, but my mother in law swears by it.



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