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As I mentioned in another thread, Saturday night my knee was extremely overworked.


It's been quite sore since, especially when I bend it.


Behind the knee is sore when I straighten it out, and when I bend it, it's sore on the inner leg side of my knee cap.


There's always something. 



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Sounds like upset hip abductors, time to see the physio for a massage and muscle release and probably some extra exercises to strengthen them up again. They do get lazy 🙂


gentle heat may also help (yay for wheat bags) but best to get advise on that first.


do keep moving as if they are feeling abused they may try to "set" and that will be worse in the long run. so gentle short walks until you can see the physio and get a proper diagnosis and treatment plan.


hang in there 🤩

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I saw the doc today with my long list, and he looked at my knee.


He reckons a bone spur on the side of my knee cap.


I'll get the physio to have a better look. That appointment is next week.



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