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I've had all my results now, for all my issues I've been talking about:


MRI - no change. Still 1 lesion in my left thalamus, same size as always.


X-ray - subluxation of right arm. Hopefully I can get a photo of the xray here. Very interesting. 


Diabetes - obviously caramel coated hedgehog slices are the go! Sugars 6.4


Iron - finally my iron levels are real world.


Knee - bone spur. Daily exercises to strengthen, then we'll see what's going on in the back of the knee. 


Just need an eye test now. My distance vision has been gone for years. Looks like my close up is on the way out.


My foot operation is waaay in the future.  My new foot brace can't even seem to find it's way from Perth, and we want to see the effects of that before I get cut open.


Anything else? Anything else need to be dumped on me??


All good. This all has to...lost my train of thought!!💚👑

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((HUGS)) Glad it's mostly good news.  Sorry to report problems with close up vision are a feature of our age. Once you get past about 45 your arms need to grow a few inches to keep up with the eyes. I do recommend graduated multi focal glasses.  Mine have 3 areas, close up, computer, distance ( required for driving the car and watching theatre etc.)

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It's easy to see, I think, that the arm isn't anywhere near where it should be, when compared to my left arm.


I'm sure most of you know, I technically didn't have a stroke.


We, the physio, doctor and I, really aren't sure of rehab will help. Going to try, of course. 


Years of work on my ankle did nothing, as with my hand.


But, never say never.



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I do wear multi focal now, Heather, and I applaud you for mastering them!


At the moment the top half is for distance and the bottom half clear.


I was finding it hard to read labels, text messages and things like that if I was at the shops or watching telly.


I'm going to persevere with multi focals as I don't like carrying around too much in my bag.



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Brains do weird things and if your lesion is visible in the MRI chances are it doesn't matter what caused it in the first place.  Do try the estim on the shoulder,  if you can persuade your sub-conscious to do it's job and/or learn to pull it together yourself it will make a huge difference.  Fingers crossed. The estim i great for "finding" the muscle you need to engage as well as for strengthening it gradually.


The main thing to watch out for once you have reading in the bottom of your multifocals is don't look at your feet through your glasses when you're walking. You have to learn to look just ahead of your feet (or you can cheat by looking under the glasses) and trust them and the ground not to do anything too unexpected (not always possible for us.)

Good luck


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Eight neuros have never diagnosed me. One did actually, but he was waaaay wrong. 


The things that have been tossed around include: Motor Neurone Disease (ALS and PLS), MS, stroke, gosh something else...can't remember. 


But, you're right. What it's called doesn't really matter, it's what it does to me that's the problem!



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