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The fun continues! Now I have to zip in my leg that cannot be touched..into an air bag that squeezes my feet and calves up to knees because the pressure sore on my heel that reoccur and fails to heal needs less swelling to go away...


SUPRISINGLY it doesn't hurt like touching. No burning‐‐--but I have terrible pain. I wrote a bunch of blogs lost to me but my story is there. Anyway it never STOPS.  


I had covid and survived. Covid was bad but imagine daily torture. I cannot do anything but wait until I can be off blood thinner even if I wanted a surgery. I had major heart attack that I was told I needed a bypass butI was not healthy enough to survive it. So I had 7 stents inserted. Then had second heart attack this Feb and they put in another Stent. They scoped my legs and artery is clogging but no Stent yet. I am on oxygen now all day. I fight with my friend who says never start it. I said I have had pulmonary hypertension before covid lung I am not asthmatic but I sound and feel like one.


I keep fighting. 

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Oh Pam.


Life is not fair.


I'm so sorry to hear you have to cause yourself pain to fix another issue. 


Hope it works for you



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