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Not sure if I'm just getting old (I definitely feel like it!) or if this is just one of those things...


My affected ankle swells heaps, especially when I've done too much walking or even standing. 


Apparently my leg would be out of the socket like my arm is, but because of gravity it's all good.


But even so, my ankle pays for the weight of me standing on it.


Also, I'm trying to 'walk' on my foot, not drag it along and sometimes I slap it down on the ground so hard (without realising) I'm in massive pain.


Anyway, my calf hurts too, maybe because of weakened muscles.


This whole walking thing, quite frankly, sucks.



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Hi Janelle, have a look at a condition called dysautonomia A friend of mine has POTS and it sounds awfully like a lot of the stroke deficit stuff I get with cold foot, bad lymphatic drainage, neuro fatigue etc. where our autoimmune system is a bit screwed up by stroke damage. She's given me the name of her neurologist but I haven't gotten around to doing anything about it yet. I think I'm a bit wary of poking that bear.


fat ankle in the bad leg was a real problem for me after my calf surgery. My physio got me to put a pillow under the foot end of the mattress so that it was raised ever so slightly overnight, and that was enough to get it to reset to normal for the start of each day.


I'm always listening to my footsteps so that I can notice if I'm slapping that bad foot, I can't always stop it happening, but I figure being aware of it is the first step (urgh 😝)

The big thing with not dragging seems to be don't let your hip swing out (might be where some of that hip pain is coming from) and lift that knee, try practicing marching. Then its heel down transfer/roll the weight over the big toe and step through.


Also get a calf stretcher and use it every morning  I have this one Shopping&cmp_id=11797013888&adg_id=114751385676&kwd=&device=c&gclid=CjwKCAiA1aiMBhAUEiwACw25MfLOBzI0ZZXp5MoEkD1IANAKS3e_NikUkYBzWhp0p9vEKpM7aFvDaRoCqnwQAvD_BwE

But there are plenty of other types around


But yes sometimes walking sucks,especially when you have curled up toes (chronic spacticity)


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i use a similar item at my PT.My calves cramp frequently bur getting better and stronger with exercise.The flexibility is horrible, but even that is improving.I tie a flex band loop around my two ankles and try to walk sideways.Yesterday I rode my recumbent trike and the left was much stronger.

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That looks worthwhile Heather. Hope you used government money.


Think I'll get one.


Alan so glad you felt stronger after using the bike.  My poor girl has cobwebs on her. I seriously need to get serious. 



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I've had that one for years (long before I was able to access government funding for this stuff) 🙂 Dad made me a very simple one out of MDF very near the start of this mess and when I moved into the city I bought the fancy one. I'm in the process of duplicating equipment for the country house, and using government funding for that.

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