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  1. I've just got back from today's Running Program Session.  This is the second one I've been to since the toe surgery. Last week I had pain after 3 sets of stairs so we had to stick to low impact, low stretch activities.  Today I started with 6 minutes on the cross trainer. followed by 10 sets of stairs with no discomfort at all. Did my total gym left leg squats and some "calf raises" also all fine so then we moved across to the mini tramp.  Once on the tramp Hannah got serious about getting me up on my toes. which I haven't been able to do for probably years. between the curly toes, spastic calf and calf surgery.  I felt like a real cltuz as I just couldn't do what she asked.  It turns out I've been compensating really well by using my knee rather than my ankle, but now she wants me to do it the right way (as physically it should be possible now). We eventually got me doing it by taking my shoes off and using the total gym at almost flat, with Hannah providing tactile feedback. It was so hard to do I was dripping with sweat and exhausted after just a few.  But I did it, now to make this the move the body wants to do rather than the other way.  Then I'll need to build strength again so I can do it with weight and gravity. I feel a bit like I'm back at square one, although I also know this is how it has to be done. and I'll get more from unlearning the bad habit. It's just always so hard to take a step back so you can move forward.

  2. RonA

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    Sometimes you get a lot more out of a product than you expected. My wife and I recently purchase one of those lightweight, fold-up, power travel wheelchairs and it has turned

    out to be a real blessing. Although I am a relentless consumer of information about things that could help people such as my wife, who have had strokes, I had never heard of this particular product until a blogger from this site, who writes under the name Strokewife, told me about it. She had bought one for her husband and assured me that it was a godsend for them and allowed them to take a much-needed cruise together.  With that information, I set out to research the product quite a bit. I finally found a chair slightly more expensive than the one Strokewife bought and decided to buy it. The reason was that it has a footrest that can fold back out of the way, thus enabling the user to get closer before sitting down. This particular chair, made in Malaysia, also impressed me with its quality and with various reviews I read. The chair is made out of lightweight aircraft aluminum and folds up to the size of carry-on luggage. Indeed, that makes it ideal of air travel, though some airlines apparently require you to check it rather than store it in the cabin. Although the chair's weight is not a lot lower than the weight of the manual chair we had been using, it is far quicker and easier to use and requires no assembly to set up once you pull it out of your vehicle. FiveSometimes you get a lot more out of a product than you expected. My wife and I recently purchased one of those lightweight, fold-up power wheelchairs and it has turned days after I ordered the chair it arrived from Malaysia, fully charged and ready to go. We took a few days for Dorothy to become acquainted with it inside the house before taking it out. We started in an uncrowded grocery store before progressing through a slightly crowded Costco and then to one of our favorite restaurants. It was wonderful. Let me tell you why.

    I never minded pushing Dorothy and her manual chair anywhere she wanted to go but she did, at least some. She said she never felt independent when she had to be pushed through stores, restaurants or what have you. As for me, the problem with the manual chair was that I always had to stop for doors that don't open automatically. If no one held the door open for us, I would have to open the door myself and awkwardly push Dorothy and the chair on through it while she did her best to help with the one good leg she has and I held the door open until she got through it. Once inside I had to go everyplace she went, of course. Furthermore, I couldn't use a shopping cart because I couldn't push one of those and the wheelchair too. It was all do-able but somewhat inconvenient. With the power chair, once I have it outside of our SUV and unfolded, Dorothy can get in and go anywhere she wishes. If she wants to browse one part of Costco while I browse another area, she can do so. If I lose sight of her I can call her on her cell phone or she can call me. And of course I can use a cart to put items in just like we did pre-stroke. It may sound simple and even trite but it makes a huge difference for use. We go out more often because it is easier and more enjoyable. In short, this chair is wonderful and well worth the $2,500 price.

    Everywhere we go people take notice of the chair. Not many have seen one for some reason even though they been around for several years. I'm not sure why except that they are travel chairs and I don't think insurance usually pays for them. To me they are a great,  mostly undiscovered treasure and I am forever indebted to Strokewife for telling me about them. The chairs even look good and are far more compact than a manual chair.

    Dorothy has a regular power chair, by the way, but it weighs more than 200 pounds and thus cannot be transported without installing one of those lifts on the back of our vehicle. While we could do that, it would be less than ideal in that we would still have to get the chair from inside our house to the garage, which requires use of a portable ramp. Once again, it is do-able but not convenient and thus discourages usage. Another option would be one of those full-size power travel chairs that can be disassembled into three pieces so as to be stored in the back of a car or SUV. That would work but assembling and disassembling a full-size power wheelchair is not exactly convenient. With the foldable chair that we bought, you just pull it out of the vehicle and open it. No leg rests to install, no parts to assemble, no nothing.  The battery is lightweight and is based on the technology long used by the computer industry. The 45-pound total weight of the chair is a bit heavier than you might think but I can handle it fine and I am 73 years old. Women my age might have more trouble, so everyone should keep that in mind. Then again, anyone who manages to load and unload a manual chair could certainly handle this one.

    I'm telling you folks all of this because this kind of wheelchair might do as much to improve the quality of your lives as it has done for ours. I can't overstate what a difference it makes. Going out and getting around is so much simpler and easier than it was prior to our purchase of this chair. It has literally been a life changer for us just as it was for my friend Strokewife and her husband. We leave it in the back of our SUV so it is always loaded and ready to go.

    There are several brands of these chairs on the market and I have no way of comparing them. Ours is called Foldawheel and it is sold on the manufacturer's website, Wheelchair88.com, as well as on Amazon. We bought the smaller chair in the series because my wife is not large. It's plenty big for her and can even transport me a test drive showed. All I can tell you is that we have found no problems with the chair or the company in the 3 months since our purchase. The company has been easy to reach and responsive when we've had questions. And their shipping was flawless and fast. I can't vouch for the other manufacturers but I have no reason to think they wouldn't be fine too. 

    So there, I've said it. You all know what I know and if you think this kind of chair would be as good for you as it has been for my wife and me, I wish you the very best


  3. I haven't blogged for a while so just have need to blog, nothing exciting or miserable to report, life goes on, though I do feel like time is flying by, & week & weekend just flies by. must be good thing. oh I finally got my first evaluation PT after getting my brace. It was interesting turn out to be young Indian therapist though from name & looks I could not decipher that information. I hope to improve my gait & balance with this therapy which I am getting after 13 years on this post stroke  journey, so it will be lesson learning to get rid of bad habits I have picked up over the years. Other than that life goes on, do get AHA moments every Sunday while watching super soul Sunday, which makes me wonder was this books & teachers weren't available in my pre-stroke life, then how come I never got attracted to them earlier, why did I have to go through such a bad experience of life to learn these beautiful things about life which does make my life today richer & better. I had read somewhere, in life when drastic change happens be sure to look out for something beautiful to emerge out of it. while having major discussion about it with hubby, he does not believe in that sentiments, he says dead man can't defend  that theory. in forest fire lot of young, vibrant & green also burns out, so believing something good will come out of this tragedy is hard pill to swallow. But I believe it, since I have seen in my own life, my life today is more fulfilling in all areas of my life than before, and I feel lucky & grateful to be still here with my lovely family.

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    I went to urgent care and thought I would pop in and out but the next thing I knew it the doctor was poking and prodding and ogling and then demanding that I go over to the emergency room for more of the same. So way I went to the inconvenience of everyone around me. And my last words were please don't let them let me suffer. So even though this hospital has all my medication names and they make me check it over and over at each visit when I came here they could not get one of my medications. And nothing was on time. Then the nurse who it disappeared for a while came back and told me she apologized that she had had to help and the emergency patient. She said that everyone was tied up with that and no one could see to my pain so I laid for two hours crying and when the nurse came back with the medication and was going in and out of the room the next thing you know she said why are you still crying does it still hurt. I already know that few staff know about central pain problems but the callous joking laughing not taking it seriously it this pain held up getting some other tests done and so they came back in saying what we won't do it if you don't want us to and I never refused anything but I just beg to have my regular pain medication and it seemed like they wanted it just on their schedule and it was it was heartbreaking to be in a hospital where are you trust people and you've come for help and you know your your pain is an inconvenience to them you know it's just I literally was putting my hands up covering my eyes my head just telling them please please go away and wait until my pain medicine I have dizziness and the room was spinning the people come in I don't see their faces the lights are bright I'm hurting and they're saying things to me that I can't understand and they're wanting me to answer thing and when I said I don't know the doctor would be like you have to know these things you can do this and how could I I don't know and I won't know my mind is a confusion and okay then then I was crying somehow and the next thing I know I'm having a heated discussion telling the doctor no I didn't refuse anything and very upset at the nurse and then I realize I can't see their eyes where's my glasses I can't see them I'm talking to them and I can't even see him and so then the next thing you know that the nurse was looking for it looked all over and we couldn't figure out where my glasses went and then he had fallen on the floor and we're underneath the IV stand and she hadn't moved out in her search and so that's where the glasses were and I hadn't even thought about them being underneath it but anyway just more confusion you know like make sure your patients have their glasses on and make sure your patients have their I'm laying here shivering because the blankets I had are on the floor somewhere you know it's just I can't even explain no it ain't nobody really keeps an eye on you I don't know I guess I'm in a good place in case something's about to happen but I'm worried too because I haven't felt like myself and so I'm glad to have people that can help me but boy still in their own hospital where I get to you know I get these it's finals here here at this Hospital and they don't seem to even you know that comprehend just the staff I just can't leave that the staff doesn't know enough not taking it seriously it this pain at held up getting some other test done and so they came back in saying what we won't do it if you don't want us to and I never refused anything but I just baked to have my regular pain medication and it seemed like they wanted it just on their schedule and it was it was heartbreaking to be in a hospital were are you trust people and you come for help and you know your you're pain is in inconvenience to them your you know it's just I literally was putting my hands up covering my eyes my head just telling them please please go away and wait until my pain medicine I have dizziness and the room was spinning the people come in I don't see their faces the lights are bright I'm hurting and they are saying things to me that I can't understand and there wanting me to answer things and when I said I don't know the doctor would be like you have to know these things you can do this and how could I I don't know and I won't know my mind is the confusion and okay then then I was crying somehow and the next thing I know I'm having a heated disc discussion telling the doctor know I didn't refuse anything and very upset at the nurse and then I realize I can't see their eyes where's my glasses I can't see them I'm talking to them and I can't even see him and so then the next thing you know the the nurse was looking for it looked all over a week couldn't figure out where my glasses went and then your dad fall in on the floor and we're underneath the IV stand and she hadn't move that in her search and so that's where the glasses were and I hadn't even thought about them being underneath it but anyway just more confusion you know like make sure your patience have their glasses on and make sure your patience have their I'm laying here shivering because the blankets I had a run the floor somewhere you know its just I can't even explain know date nobody really keeps in I on you I don't know I guess I'm in it good place in case something is about a thing but I am worried too because I haven't felt like myself and so I'm glad to have people that can help me but boy I still in there own hospital where I get to he know I get these this finals here here it this hospital and they don't seem to even you know it comprehend just the staff night just can't believe that this staff doesn't know enough hand I've it I'm very intolerant of their pathetic ignorance. Right now whatever was hurting fails behind the central nerve pain that I suffer with and it makes me see how miraculous my drug doses are in my life. And I was telling the nurse there's a reason I take all of this medication and the nurse kept saying I'm not judging I'm not judging. That's the problem. Everyone seems so afraid of these opiates and so maybe for the abusing non stroke Folk they might be a danger but I do not have a life without them I'm fact I don't even have a day without them. So now I've passed from Doctor to doctor told my pain story a thousand times today and I'm completely exhausted and I still have not received whatever relief I thought I was going to get today so maybe tomorrow with a whole bunch of people come at me again maybe I will have the pain relief to endure it.

  5. On the 23rd of August my life took a dramatic turn.  I had had a small mole behind my left  knee, I had it checked out a couple of times over the years but it was assessed as harmless.  Years went by with my time taken up as caregiver to Ray and then as a widow and I filled my life with busyness, trivial in itself but filling an otherwise empty life.  I ignored the little spot as it grew bigger and suddenly I realised it had really changed and so I went to my GP who referred me to the local Skin Cancer and Skin Care Clinic.   One of the doctors there took the large spot off under local anesthetic and sent it away for analysis. Four days later I was called back to the Skin Cancer Clinic and told I had appointments in one of the  major Sydney hospitals to see a surgeon, one of the best in Australia in Melanoma surgery. So a couple of days later I was in there being checked out and the following day I was in hospital.


    This time I did the right thing and called my daughter Shirley.  She came down and took over, taking me down to the hospital, coming back home to get what I needed when the operation was scheduled for the next day. With the previous operation the surgery took an hour and  I was sent home with dozens of stitches which I had to care for myself.  The second operation, this time to make a large margin around the original site and to do a skin graft took much longer and was followed by six days of bed rest, antibiotics and all kinds of care. I finally came home last Wednesday.  To say I was shaken by all of this is an understatement. I had been avoiding doctors and the medical merry-go-round having had so much of it in the years I looked after Ray and now I have a ticket to ride in my own name. I had always considered myself healthy and then this small part of me proved otherwise.


    Dear caregivers, let me be a warning to you, do not neglect your own health while caring for a loved one, your life is important too.  Have all your health checks as they need to be done. Believe me the pain of not doing so is not worth it.  I will be three weeks not able to drive because of the site of the graft behind my left knee and then 6-8 weeks before I can resume normal activities.  That is a lot of things to be eliminated from my usually busy life and it has given me a lot of time to think about what I need to do, not just for now but into the future. I have to return to the hospital in four months time and have four monthly reviews for two years to eliminate any other occurrences and check the activities of nearby lymph nodes.  It will be a long time to clear me of future happenings and then of course like the general community I could still have other health problems.


    I am glad to be home and back on my computer thanks to my daughter Shirley who has set me up well with space to put my feet up as instructed.  She has improvised a tray table and a laptop connection. So I will able to be in contact with friends via my computer,  landline and mobile so hope to return all the good wishes that have been sent to me. It is a blow that I am not allowed to drive for a while but there will be plenty of handicraft to keep me busy. And plenty of books to read too. Thanks to all those who contacted me via Facebook and sent me their prayers and best wishes. A dear friend from my Stroke Recovery group has taken to bringing me meals and others from the group have sent flowers and cards, rang me or dropped by.  I am so pleased to be supported by so many strong women who already have their hands full caring for another loved person in their lives.  They are a good example of the saying : "If you want something done ask a busy person" and I didn't even have to ask, they knew what was needed.


    My boys have been supporting me by phone and text, they are both too far away to help but they have also been in contact with Shirley to support her too. Trevor of course wanted me to go straight to Broken Hill where he said he would take me to the local hospital to have my dressing changed etc but really at this stage even the couple of hours sitting on a plane would do me in.  I do have some help coming too as a domestic worker will come twice a week to do housework and a community nurse will come three times a week to dress the wounds, essential with a graft that has to be monitored.  I will give up wearing knee length shorts and find a suitable longer pant to cover where the graft was through the summer months.  Swimming will be okay as long as I cover up as soon as I return to the beach.  Dancing as an exercise has to be postponed until full healing takes place so I will hand over my Dancing Diva trophy at the next Women's Weekend in November.


    As usual the lesson learned was that so many people are worse off than we are but still we do have to be vigilant about our own health.  Not fair to burden our kids more than we need to.  I have tried to maintain my independence but this episode was a reminder that I am ageing, over 70 now, and I need to be mindful of what is ahead of me.  My daughter said she will bring her two teenage children down in the next school holiday which is only three weeks away and they will help me with the sorting out and decluttering.  I still have books and toys left over from their own growing up years and they will have a better idea of how much of that I need to keep for Alice and Shirley and I will go through drawers and cupboards.  I have been given a reminder of my own mortality and i need to take heed of that and have some contingency plans in place.


    Of course this is not the end of my life, just a reminder that there is an end and this may have been a lucky escape caught just in time or it may not.  I have my faith and my church and I have so many good friends, interesting acquaintances and well wishers to keep me going.  The 8th of September would have been Ray's 75th birthday and I got a bit sad and wistful then, thinking how different it would have been if he had been with me, alive and well.  But if he had been an invalid and depended on me still that would have been an entirely different scenario.  As it is I only have myself to take care of and intend from now on to do a better job of it.

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    Lesley's mum now is settling in with us. She is accepting her new life here in TN, a big change from 94 years of living in New Zealand. We can detect some homesickness, but she knows that moving here was her only alternative other than a NZ nursing home. She is very bright, mentally amazingly sharp, no memory issues, and still able to get around with a cane and walker. A few naps during the day and she is refreshed and active all day. Amazing.


    We just completed a month long trip in our motorhome with mum. When she got here I put a chair lift in the motorhome for her use. Amazingly she seldom needs it. Lesley and I get on each end of the stairs into the motorhome and she gets up or down the stairs with one of us pushing and one gently pulling.


    our trip was up to Wisconsin for a week with friends, then on to Iowa for some work on the RV at the factory. We then went to the wonderful town of Amana. Lots of things to see no do. A planned day stop turned nto several days. We then went thru Illinois to Shipshewanna, Indiana. A planned three day stop became almost two weeks. I grew up nearby in the Elkhart, IN area and was able to show mum where I lived, worked and played. We stopped by the grade school I went to for four years and asked if they had anything on classes in the early 1950's. The lady said no, but after thinking about it she came up with some PTA meeting minutes. My mother was mentioned in them a few times. What a neat trip down memory lane!

    I was also able to show mum where I lived as a five year old in a house trailer and walked 10 blocks alone everyday to and from kindergarten. The school and trailer park are still there. I felt pretty good about my memory still being able to find these places considering I was five and that was 67 years ago!



    we then drove back home over two days, stopping in Kentucky for the night. Lesley drove about 1/2 the time and did her share of dumping the tanks, and hooking up the water and electric. All in all, an really memorable trip. That is the essence of traveling in an RV, creating memories. It is not going from point A to point B via the fastest route. We avoid interstates when we can, seldom go thru any large cities, and stick to US and State highways. So much more to see and do. Lesley has learned to navigate well and between us we get it done. Often times we have no plan as to where we will stay that night, but we always find somewhere!


    Mum is always agreeable to whatever we do. Our last day in Shipshewanna, Indiana, Lesley asked me if she should wake mum up from her nap and take her to town again, I told her I thought mum just needed a day of rest. So Lesley went on her own, I think she also needed a day alone. When mum awoke she and I had some good mother-in-law/son-in-law time. Another irreplaceable memory created.


    we expect to be home now until November when we are planning a week in Branson,Mo which is veterans week. Then back home and not sure after that. We had planned three weeks in Corpus Christi, TX over Christmas but the hurricane hitting there a few weeks ago may change that. We will find somewhere.


    well, my coffee cup is empty so time to go.

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    I'm back on the board after several months of getting settled in new location, computer updates knocking out all my saved passwords, and not being able to get a link to reset them.   I had to re-register in order to get back on here, so for those of you who knew me as srademacher, I'm now SarahR.    :)    It's taken some time to get Gary used to the new location and the different setup in bathroom, and I still have days where it's easier for me to shower him on a patio chair on the back patio using the garden hose.   Getting into a tight bathroom and lifting his affected leg into a bathtub is not an easy task.  We had the doors widened, we added grab bars where we could, and still it doesn't work well for either of us.   I will eventually have to break down and spend a fortune to change out the tub to a roll-in shower in order to save my back.   Getting him comfortable with anything different than his normal routine has been a real challenge, and oftentimes exhausting for both of us.   


    We still have Kelly coming to help with Gary on Mondays and Fridays and have had another caregiver, Carmen who comes on Wednesdays and stays overnight.  Both are driving from our old neighborhood in Scottsdale, so I'm paying for some drive time and getting less hours of hands-on help as a result.  The commute for them is about 50 min. to an hour each way, but both are very attached to Gary and wanted the job.   At some point, I will have to search for local hospice help, as conditions have changed recently to the point I am not sure I can keep this up, both physically and financially.


    Gary has been dealing with more depression lately, and I know I will likely have to increase his antidepressant dose, but have been stalling it off because he already sleeps too many hours a day, and with a higher dosage, comes more sleep time for him, which keeps me confined to home when I don't have a caregiver here.    He seems to have more and more dreams (nightmares) where he wakes up crying for our youngest son, Dan, who we lost last year in June.   He also is very upset about hearing that his brothers cancer surgery did not go as hoped, and the cancer is too far advanced to the point they can try chemo but it's not really effective for the type of cancer he has, but might buy him a little more time.   He has always admired and respected his oldest brother and was very close to him.   


    Not much else has changed here.   We did get a new puppy a few weeks ago and he is adjusting very well.   We were lucky that the previous owner had him housebroken before we got him.  He is a 7-month old schnoodle (schnauzer/poodle mix), and  a very sweet little boy.  We got him neutered on Thursday of this week, and aside from running into things with that silly collar on his head, he is doing well.  We go back in a week to get his stitches out, and then start training him to sit and stay as we plan to take him out with us whenever we go out, and I've already ordered a "companion dog" tag for him.  


    I hope our friends in the TX area are all doing well.   It breaks our hearts to see the devastation in the area.   



  7. Dan decided to eat some soup, some jello and watermelon-- he has drank some water. So for now - until the next time, he is in that undecided mode. He only took nourishment because he wants to be able to go to church. I had told him I can't take him as weak as he was, so he had that little bit of nourishment. Down and up -- up and down....... still - a waiting game. :undecided:

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    William and I are a few of the fortunate ones.  We are high and dry.  Our little area was spared.  I am so glad.  I do not know how I would have handled having to evacuate with William.  I am very thankful.  We have been watching the news round the clock and it has been scary.  Today for the first time, I drove out to the grocery store.  The store was out of bread and eggs. Some of the produce was not available.  But, all in all it was a nice little outing.  I have been spending my time walking the dogs and quilting.  My YMCA was flooded and the parks that I walk to are flooded.  So, I just walk around the neighborhood.  We have had cooler weather.  Not the high 90's.  It actually is in the 70's at night and early morning.  This does not feel like summer.

    one morning,. I gathered up all of the extra blankets and towels and some clothes.  But, I had nowhere to bring it.  A lot of the roads are not passable.  Besides the fact that I have to be available to take care of William.  I may just have to bring it to goodwill later.  Most of the shelters near me have all gotten all of the donations that they need and are not accepting any more.  People are so generous.  Lots of airlifts.  The road near us was a river and boats were constantly going on it.  Surreal.

    we never lost power or had water damage.  We are on the hospital grid.  We live very near the hospital.  Houston needs lots of help to recover from this tragedy.

  9. Not too bad overall.


    Well this past week I did what I didn’t think I could do since my stroke… I travelled alone. My travel included going on an airplane and managing my hotel stay for 7 days and all the trimmings. I knew that it would be somewhat nerve racking but what I didn’t except was how accommodating everyone was and helpful and reassured me that everything would be okay.

      My trip began with my mother, who was more nervous I truly was, taking me to the airport in Philadelphia. She initially was going to drop me off but she wanted to make sure that I would have assistance getting from gate to gate. I truly don’t remember how I made it to the gate in Philadelphia but everything worked out. Oh, I forgot to tell you, I had gone to the neuro-surgeon two days before my trip and gave me a new prescription for new glasses and they were not ready by the time I left so I was struggling to see… anything.  Back to the airport... I asked a fellow passenger to help me read the aisles. She was a pleasant woman and agreed to help me find my row. I made sure to always get and aisle seat so easy in, easy out. The plane was soooo small.  I hadn’t flown for about fifteen years and since then I’ve had a stroke and my phobias have gotten worse and mainly because my eyesight is hindered.  I made sure to pack my tablet and charged phone to keep myself busy. Thankfully on Delta we had free Wi-Fi that allowed us to watch a selection of movies. So that was great and kept my mind off of thought of being in an enclosed piece metal high in the sky. Yes… I thought of that and again mainly for I couldn’t see correctly. So, on wards to Atlanta, Georgia. That airport is HUGE. And much of this trip is a blur for …yes… my eyesight. Thankfully, I was met at the gate by someone with a wheel chair. THANKFULLY she brought me to the correct gate for it seemed we took a shuttle train and, I think for all I could see was lights and colors, restaurants and retail stores. I told the person pushing me I felt like I was in a mall and not an airport. Moreover the kind wheelchair pushers were some of the kindest folks I’ve ever met. I know some say that they are paid to be nice. Well that may be true, but you just get a vibe from someone who is genuine.  I was pushed to gate and had a three hour wait so I was minding my own business when I heard a gentleman sitting next to me talk out loud and I acknowledged his comment. The next thing I knew he had moved next to me and began sharing his dilemma he was having. Had to do with racing corvettes and his new wife who wants him to ease down on the racing and travel with her. Some things that he was talking about I had some clue of but mainly I just nodded and smiled. He truly was a very nice man who lived in my state so we had common grounds to share. The next thing I knew, our layover was over and we began to board. When we life Atlanta, I forgot the flight to Daytona Beach, FL. I told my son to come and find me for it was dark and I was totally blind by then.


                                                            He found me!!


    It felt good to do all of these things on my own. I had no worries checking in. Other people were upset for it was taking too long and I was in a time frame and I had no sleep the night before but there was only one girl working and she was doing her best, I knew I already reserved it so I was ok. I found that when you chillax good things happen. The issue was the hotel was closing down a floor to do a ‘face life’ for they are on the coast and its hurricane season so many hotels/motels along the coast do get damaged often. Lo and behold I was given a room that was one of the ones that were set to get fixed but she changed the floors to start but the room had its downside: many things didn’t work (refrigerator was biggie to name a few) deck door didn’t close correctly, tub had an angle to it. That being I really wanted just a bed, a pool and my son and two out of three isn’t bad. My son had to work really bizarre hours. I was happy he was working but he truly was working too much.

      Because I had no car visiting people was out of the question but my son’s grandparents picked me up and brought me over to their house to visit and that’s where my son is living. They are absolutely wonderful couple. I dated their son when I was younger that produced my son. So we did some shopping at the thrift stores, some of my favorite kind if shopping. I had to keep my purchases to a minimal to fit in my suitcase.

    I did get to see my son and two other friends who live close to where I was staying.  We visited a Japanese Steak House and had a fantastic meal and great show from the chef.


    I was so thankful that everyone I came in to contact with throughout my trip was fantastic and helpful. I met a gentleman at the Daytona Airport on my flight home who said he would walk with me and help e to the gate for he was going to Atlanta, Ga for his connection flight. I lost him on the plane for he sat behind me some and when I got off a wheelchair whisked me away through the “Mall” that is Atlanta International Airport.


    What I learned is I’m able to do many things when I have assistance and it’s ok to ask for help. I really don’t like to ask and who knows what I can do when I can actually see. My glasses were finally ready two days before I was to fly home.


  10. Some Brief Thoughts on the Second Anniversary of My Stroke


    Two years ago today, while going through security at SeaTac airport, I had a stroke – a brain bleed that in the majority of cases is not survivable. My left side was paralyzed and I remained in hospitals in the Seattle area for a month. I had to relearn how to walk, talk, chew, swallow, and do most of the things that make us normal.  In the past two years I have worked hard, given up, cried, laughed, been angry, been grateful, learned (or learned to use) new swear words, and some days, just stayed in bed. I walk slowly and awkwardly, but I walk. My left hand doesn’t function fully, but I am figuring out new ways to do things. Overall I am grateful, but I expect the sadness and anger will never completely go away.


    Today we finalized a three week trip to Argentina and Chile, cruising around Cape Horn. We are not doing it the way we would have in the past, but we are going to our sixth continent! Life is good!

  11. Strokewife
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    Recently, as I assisted my stroke survivor with taking his nightly medications, helping him maneuver into bed, and removing his shoes I mentally ran down the check list of all necessary things he requested on his bed side table.  Simultaneously, I sighed.  I consciously was aware of the throbbing pain in between my shoulder blades and lower back causing me to move a bit slower than normal.  I felt tired, weepy, and angry all in one.  Certainly, I did not mention my frustration to my stroke survivor but somehow I know he knew.


    It has been over two years since I became a caregiver for my stroke survivor.  In that time I adjusted just about everything in my life to focus solely on taking care of him.  At first, I didn’t think twice about it.  I would approach each day with an above board way of thinking.  There was a lot to do and not enough time to do it.  The hope that engulfed me allowed for enthusiasm to help him in his daily therapies. Others called me a saint for all I did for my husband and commented with statements claiming, “They didn’t know how I did it.”  Honestly, I don’t know how I did it either.  But, I pulled strength from a trust in a higher power and each night I could rest knowing things would be O.K.  The biggest driving force was the hope, or more like the expectation, that my stroke survivor would have a complete recovery.

    So, on this night when I routinely assisted my husband I quietly excused myself from the room once he lay slumbering and I wiped tears from my eyes.  Mostly, this came about because of our latest doctor’s visit that encompassed yet another statement regarding my stroke survivor’s unfortunate circumstances that come by way of genetics.  My stroke survivor is genetically blessed with high blood pressure, which gifts him with the pleasure of taking a plethora of pills. He has grown tired of the routine morning and night of tossing back a mouth full of medication followed with a chaser of milk. He grumbles when I take his blood pressure. Whining is prevalent with each doctor’s appointment. I have become at a loss for words.  I have become weary. Thus it has been suggested that I need a break.


    All this brings to mind a moment I had at the beginning of all this care giving education.  Once my stroke survivor completed his initial six weeks of In-patient Rehabilitation we brought him home and began Outpatient Rehabilitation three times a week.  The beauty of this time was it allowed me some time to do errands without concern for my stroke survivor. Meaning, I had free time from my husband but not time for myself. Things moved quickly and I was juggling so much I knew I was going to drop a ball or two.  One of the physical therapist noted I looked tired asked if I had taken some time for myself.  She, in what seemed like slow motion, stated “Respite Care.” I just smiled and said I was looking in to it and appreciated her concern.  Secretly, I was thinking, “Respite, What?” “What the H-E-double toothpicks was respite care?”  Between you and me, my dear readers, I had not ever heard the word respite until that day.  I don’t know why I had not heard the term before because I had worked in the health care field and seemed rehearsed on such things. Trust me, I went home that evening and Googled the meaning of respite, which is A short period of rest or relief from something difficult or unpleasant. Of course, I also searched for providers in the area.  I actually called an organization that did the research for me.  In the days that followed I received calls from various places wanting to talk with me about home care giving assistance.  I met with a few.  I signed up with a group just in case.  There was no obligation so why not.  Yet, it would cost approximately twenty dollars an hour with a four-hour minimum.  Somehow, I found this more stressful than what I had anticipated.  I wasn’t sure whether I could trust a hired caregiver.  I asked friends, co-workers, and family about people, groups, and assistance. Needless to say I did not hire the so-called “Respite” person.  Bringing me back to the juggling again.


    This brings me to my final thoughts regarding this subject.  Now, I can say I have got to a point, after two years, where everything seems overwhelming.  Perhaps it is because I am so tired of the day to day routine. Likely it is because I miss activity that went bye-bye when a stroke appeared. More so, it is simply as defined I need a period of rest or relief from something difficult…

    Lastly, what have you done my followers to find respite?

  12. It's been a while since I've written a blog and been really active on the site. First of all I miss those of you I know here but I have been sort of recovering and regrouping after leaving Adrian and moving back into my Dad's house. There has been a lot of positive...my anxiety has been less, I have my own transportation, I am still waiting for the second round of disability decisions, I am close to family, my daughter is doing wonderful and is so good to me sending me $50 every other week to help me, I've been making my own choices, I even have my sleep so much better now getting to bed between 8:30 and 10. So many good things. Something has happened though 4 different times which I need to get off my chest. My Dad and I get along most of the time but he is a huge trigger at times and can evoke a pretty big anxiety attack in me at times. Once because he told me not to put my hair up in a pony tail anymore that my step mom had cut my hair and "the pony tail looked like *beep*". It was an immediate trigger and I couldn't stop the attack. I finally got to my room took my anxiety medication and finally fell asleep. A second time was him telling me "If that guy called right now I bet you would go back to him because you are stupid.". He wouldn't stop even when I begged him. I ended up half blindly driving to where my step mom is staying at my Grandmother's so I could calm down. Both of the other 2 times have been about my weight. I have gained 50 pounds since my stroke. I joined a gym a week ago so I can be healthier which hopefully will help my weight as well. He has called me fat, told me I don't care about how I look, told me he wouldn't leave me alone, to go ahead and cry until I can't cry anymore because he doesn't care, more times that I am stupid. I can't stay at the house when he gets like that because he won't stop and the anxiety attack just gets worse and worse. Each time I have gone to my Grandmother's...each time right in the middle of a pretty severe anxiety attack. It's wearing on me. I find myself just silent and to myself more and more. My Psychiatrist is concerned...he made the statement "You fell from the frying pan onto the stove.". He shows more compassion and care than any Doctor I have ever had and we talk about what my future plans are and he encourages me. I just needed to get this off my chest. My hope is that in the future I will live by myself and make all my choices and be free of the hot spots. It won't be perfect but I think I would feel so much better.

  13. srademacher
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    Friday, June 30 th   My 69th and would have been Dan’s 44th birthday – we headed over to the new house with Kelly and her friend, Jim to do the cleaning and prep work to get ready for moving.   Jim got all of the bigger items done---door locks changed, hardwiring the electrical for the drip system, replacing fan light in bedroom #2, replacing the garbage disposal, and installing the grab bars in both bathrooms.    Kelly was here to get the cleaning done and put the shelving together for the garage items, but kept getting sidetracked with other jobs.  She watered the plants front and back and checked the chemical levels in the pool, and changed out the RO filters while Jim had the garbage disposal out of her way.   Gary was bored out of his mind when he wasn’t napping so I parked him in the living room, facing the wall where we would eventually put the big tv, and told him to pretend he was watching his favorite show on tv.  I asked him to please sit still while we worked.   As usual, he had to be a smartass and told me  “change the channel.”  


    Saturday –Kelly was supposed to pick me up at 6:30 so we could go get the Uhaul truck by 7 a.m.  I had arranged for a neighbor, David to come over and sit with Gary for about a half hour while we went to get truck.  It was nearly 7:10 when Kelly showed up with the Uhaul.   David stuck around and helped with the loading of items in the truck once Joel and Ryan arrived to help.  I had been up since 3:30 and got all the computer stuff unplugged and ready to go so tried to stay out of their way and keep my feet elevated.   Carmen arrived at 8 a.m. to start cleaning up behind us as we emptied out the rooms.  We were on the road to the new house by 10 a.m. and they managed to get it all unloaded from the Uhaul truck, son’s pickup and my SUV,  and were out of here by 1:30.   Gary and I were here alone with no internet, no tv and no phone service till the 3rd.    My cell phone carrier – Consumer Cellular has intermittent service here at the house – looks like I’ll be changing carriers soon.


    We ate a late lunch after everyone left since none of them wanted to stick around for lunch.  By 5:30 pm the pool in the back yard was shaded over enough that I didn’t need to lather myself in sunscreen, so we headed out back – me in my granny swimsuit, and him in a sleeveless top and shorts.  I parked him on the patio and grabbed the skimmer to clean the few leaves out of the pool before getting in.   It didn’t take me long to realize I need grab bars for myself to get in and out of that pool.  There was nothing to hold onto as I took the few steps down into the pool nearest the back patio area.   It was even worse trying to get out.   I had to get out on my knees and try standing up from there without anything to hold on to.  We need to remedy that sooner rather than later.   I managed a 40 min. swim and because I had been awake since 3:30 a.m., I finally hit the new bed by 7:30 p.m. and slept until 2:30 a.m.   I was exhausted.  Gary didn’t wake up to pee until nearly 5:30 a.m., and then rolled over and went back to sleep until 9 a.m.  


    While the new grab bars in the bathrooms work well for me, we still have a problem with getting Gary in and out of a tub.  The bathroom off the master bedroom is narrow and he has to turn a corner to get to the tub area – looks like bathroom door removal is inevitable.   For now, we can get him on back patio in a shower chair and hose him off.  


    We survived Sunday in the new house – just the two of us ….cell phone coverage was still very spotty and driving me crazy.  I did get a few incoming texts but could not respond to them.  Jim had texted me several times about picking up the ADA toilets and when he could install them.  I finally was able to get a text back to him that Monday was not a good day with the cable guy coming to do phone, internet, and tv hookups and Kelly would be here to help get household stuff in from the boxes in the garage.   We didn’t need more people in and out tripping over each other in the narrow hallway from the garage.  He agreed to wait until Tuesday to get it done and figure out what we need for ramps in and out of garage and back patio area.   Gary and I managed a trip out to the local Walmart for some grocery items and picked up a KFC meal at their drive-up window and headed home.  I also managed to get to the washer and dryer in the garage to run a load of clothes.


    Monday morning, July 3rd, Gary was yelling about 4 a.m.  I decided there was no point in trying to go back to sleep so I got up and ate my bowl of cheerios before it was even light outside.  I found a few more items I had been searching for in that pile in the garage and brought them in, but I’m still missing the connection cable for the printer.  At least I got all the computer cables hooked up so COX can hook us up to internet today whenever they get here.   I have no idea what time they are coming, but hope it’s early so I can get out to the bank and Walmart while Kelly is here.   I didn’t get all the items on my list when we went to Walmart yesterday because it’s not easy pushing a grocery cart and a 220 lb. man in a wheelchair…feeling it in my back and neck this morning….won’t do that again! 


    Things will eventually calm down and we can start enjoying our new home.  Once all the boxes and bins are unpacked and things neatly put away, we can enjoy the peace and quiet of a smaller community.  Our biggest problem here will be keeping the pigeons away, and I think Kelly had a good suggestion for that.  I have no idea why the house was designed with a ledge above the garage and the front entrance, but I’m sure there must have been a pigeon involved in that decision making process.  I wouldn’t mind if they just sat on the ledge, but if I want to clean up crap every day, I’ll get another dog.   No pigeon poop for me…..thanks anyhow!!!!






  14. Some people may be offended by this..... But today I come to the nursing home to see Dan. Who has refused to shower for almost 2 weeks now. He is fighting over the time of his shower. Somewhere, somehow, he has decided the time to be showered is 12 o'clock noon..... It has never been scheduled for that time. Whats wrong with that time ? Well plenty all the staff are busy and Dan will take himself to the shower room and load himself into the shower... Hooray independence - NOT... Its dangerous , no one is there at that time. Normally as I always have in the past I fight the battle and make it happen. But Im tired of the fight. It is a simple control mechanism . And he has no regard . For anyone in his pursuit. So Im not fighting it. Ive put my foot down and told him no more. Follow the flipping rules. Well 2 weeks out he is still refusing to shower at his time. 

    Tonight after my day at work I bring him supper- Crappy Mc Donalds again.... YUCK. anyhow, the home had turkey supper looked ok . So I figured Ill eat the darn turkey, he can eat the dog crap - Mc Donalds---. So an aid brought in the tray. set it down and Dan told her to leave. OK.... then he tells me he needs to go to the BR for a BM.... Are you kidding me. He laid there waiting for me, to come so I could take him to the Bathroom. Is that an honor? A novice caretaker might think so.... To me it is a degrading insult.... I worked and took care of him at home for years. Only to be driven to depression by his OCD behavior.. Now Im his aid still... Nope -- I left... Now the home is calling , what do we do?  I don't know?? If I knew he would still be at home with me... This man, this stinky- controlling man- I don't even know who he is. Damn - it never ends. 

  15. Well today my definition is a successful trip to the grocery store I did run into anybody with my cart I did hit one display but I did knock it over so I think I was quite successful what do you think

  16. Punch1021
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    The last time I blogged it had been awhile. I said I would blog/write more, but that never happened.  Now that it seems my world is crashing, I am writing a blog.  Today marks the one year of my brother's death.  It is still hard to come to terms that he is gone.  To help cope with his loss, I sought out another therapist.  I had joined a meet up group after my second break up with my ex so life was going in the direction I wanted.  Then yesterday I get hit with my job duties being changed at work.  I am going from a manager to a coordinator.  Same pay, but no more management duties.  Another co-worker will take over my position at the lower level and I will take over hers.  One of the owners where we work will take over the management duties.  You're an owner, you already have leadership duties right?  Right...  The young lady I supervise was told today.  Our boss said she is her supervisor now. She was just as confused as to why they made this type of change. When I talked to my boss about this I told her that I feel like this is a demotion.  She said it wasn't.  She felt my strengths were better at my co-workers job and she would do well with mine(with her help).  However, my coworker cannot handle her current position.  She also doesn't know how to talk to people.  Her position requires that she talks to people.  I will now have to make sure I keep the people that she talks to.  I was also told to help keep others positive about this change.  This whole thing has me so sick.  I almost broke down at work today thinking about this change and how it's also the day my brother left this earth.  Tomorrow I am seeing both of my therapist.  It will be interesting to see what they say about this.  Especially, the one who said I was projecting too much on what my coworkers would do. 

    Before this change, I was having a good year.  I finally traveled internationally.  In April I went to Egypt.  It was the best time of my life.  I will go again hopefully next year.  I have been going out, trying to be social.  Trying to get my life together.  Then this happened.  Now is the question of what do I do next.  I emailed all the owners of the company about how I felt.  Just waiting to see if one of them will write back.  If not, I will try to stay on as long as I can, but I see myself resigning.  I can't sit here and pretend to like someone who didn't respect the people who worked for me.  I can't be positive for owners who want me to go along with this and convince others to be the same as well.  Sometime I think they want this to happen.  They tell me I am valuable, but their actions tell me I am not. 

    I know this issue will pass, but it was nice not having such issues. I hope they will answer my email and if I need to leave, I hope I can find another job quickly.  Our general manager was fired last year and she is still unemployed.  I don't want to go down that unemployment road again so soon. 


  17. I'm having a rough, emotional morning. A close friend of the family recently had a cardiac event that hospitalized him, and after having an MRI, it was determined that there was evidence of two old strokes.  I haven't spoken to him directly, he hasn't any paralysis, and have learned that he seems very confused, can't drive, and his brother couldn't understand him while talking with him on the phone.  Apparently he's seeing his PMD this Friday.


    I realize that he and his wife are taking care of it in their own way, and that's the way it is, but I'm really scared for him.  I think it stems from my own experience; at the same time my level of emotional response seems (to me) inappropriate.  Brain short-circuit? 

  18. nancyl

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    ECT --- works . ( electro convulsive therapy )   Yes the "barbaric" "one flew over the cuckoos nest" - Zap the brain.. Works.  Old timers know about my battle with depression after caregiving proved to much for me. But taking care of Dan is proving challenging for the nursing home as well. He is frusterating. For even the most seasoned medical Pros. I get a bit of satisfaction knowing that. I did 4 years, the nursing home just completed their second. It is so nice to not wake instantly ( if i would get sleep) with a panic attack- that just lasted 24/7. So fellow caregivers with unresolved depression there is hope. Of course as with all things medical - it is not a one size fits all. It may or may not work for you. And during the treatment - you are existing. thats it. But I knew from the very first treatment that this was by far the most positive reaction - I had felt since the long list of methods, medication, supplements, homeopathic cures, hospitalization. 

    People I met during my depression are just now meeting "me". LOL Anyone can message me if my experience is in the least bit helpful. 

  19. lwisman
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    It is been a while since I have blogged.

    Since I last blogged my sister went on a 10 day retreat to Colorado. Jade the cat and I enjoyed ourselves. The bad news was that just before Marge left I baked a ham, put a lot of slices in the freezer, and made ham and beans. The ham and beans were really good, but Marge left town. After getting really tired of ham and beans I froze a large cottage cheese container (three pound container.) She is enjoying them now!

    Keys. About a month ago the keys for the shed in the backyard went missing. We looked everywhere. Had just about decided to find someone to cut the lock. The other key, which had been missing, is the second key to my car. Again, every pants and jacket pocket was checked. Then one day I was cleaning out my pouch and found the car key. It had migrated to the very bottom. I have been in the pouch countless times, but never all the way to the bottom. Hmm…an idea worth checking out for the shed key. A friend is currently in the process of making us a replacement for the kitchen table cover – the current one is waterproof and is elasticized – they no longer sell them big enough. Anyway, when Pat came to get the old one (with hole) for a pattern there was stuff on the table. Sure enough the keys had fallen into an empty flower pot under the table. Just dig deep….


    While Marge was gone I decided to put my 2017 village sticker on my car – deadline was April 30. I counted the stickers already there –six— and decided there really was not room for anymore. So I backed the car out of the garage so I had better light and went out with goo gone, razor blade, paper towels and vinegar water (to get rid of the goo gone). After a lot of elbow grease I removed three old stickers. Decided the other three could come off next year. After cleaning up with the vinegar water I put the 2017 sticker on. While I was out Sara, who lives directly across the street from us, came over to check on me. If you ever want to know what is happening in our neighborhood,, just ask Sara!

    Speaking of neighbors the four kids who just moved in next door were all out in the backyard playing late one afternoon this week. Jade the cat lay on her perch in the window and watched them for the longest time.

    Thursday I was up at 6 am to finish getting stuff together before cleaning lady, who was scheduled to come at 8. No it was not all cleaning, LOL. Anyway the person who runs the cleaning service called at 7:15 to say the cleaning lady would not be at our house until 11:30. Then at 10:15 the hair dresser called because we had 10 and 10:30 appts to have our hair cut. She said if we could get there by 10:30 she could still do both of them. We were there at 10:29. So it was a crazy day. But, the house is clean!

    Friday morning I woke up and immediately noticed pain in my left little finger. It was swollen, but obviously the problem was under the nail. No way to get to it. I washed it well and put on antibiotic cream. It was not helping. Figured the antibiotic cream was tainted. Saturday morning the finger no longer throbbed, but there was still pain when it was bumped. So at 8:05 I was backing out of the driveway to drive to Walgreens (about a mile from us.) Bought new cream. Within 30 minutes after putting it on I could tell the difference. Now there is only slight pain when it is bumped. Still some swelling and redness. But, looks like it is on the way to healing.

    My third bread machine (in twenty years) has died. Of course it died while I was making bread. This first happened a few weeks ago. I gave the machine a good cleaning and it started working again. Then it happened again this morning. Anyway I have not actually used a bread machine for baking the bread for years. I only use the dough setting and then bake in the oven. I think it both tastes and looks better. I took the ingredients from the bread machine pan and used the dough hook on my stand mixer. The bread is ok, but not near as nice as with the machine doing the kneading and heat control. Then I got on the internet and learned a lot about using a dough hook. So I think I will experiment a bit. I have thought for years a bread machine was more than I needed, but have not seen a good alternative. We shall see.


    Sun is shining today. Temps are only in the 50s. But after days of rain this is a nice change.

  20. nancyl

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    I haven't been able to be alone for a very long time. This weekend I have been. No one here. It is nice, not only the freedom of it, but the fact I can do it. For so long being at home alone was something I just made sure never happened. Not on a conscience level, but sub consciencely. I have a little anxiety this morning, but thats only because i have "thought " about it.

    Dan is doing as well as Dan can do. Good days, Bad days the same cycle repeats itself. Trying hard to just hang on and enjoy the good and walk away from the bad. But on average I leave the nursing home - which i visit usually x2 daily- crying about 2 days a week. last week was his birthday, baked him a homemade red velvet cake. That cake is a lot of work. The kids took it to him along with his birthday gift. A fluffy "cheatah blanket". I was home sicker than a dog with this darn flu/cold. He was mad it wasn't me, so he kicked the kids out, along with the cake and his present. Mind you earlier he had ny sister come to his room and ask to take him to one of my daughters home for his birthday. He refused - i think he thought I would come, I couldn't ,i just ached to much. 

    I came the next day and he does the dismissive thing flipping his hand in the - go away fashion- the," get out of my sight." I have had that happen to me so much, one would think I would become immune  from that distain he displays. But Im not. I still care enough to cry. 

    I have found I can concentrate much better. At work I am finally a asset instead of a hinderance. It was awful, in the height of my depression- i had no ability to remember, my eyes couldn't see and focus. and my hearing was muffled . My stomach had that awful fight or flight feeling. Those were my primary problems, with a whole host of more minor complaints. You know on Facebook some little saying will come up with a clever way of saying, all that has happened to me has made me stronger. I say thats a lot of B**lSh*t. If it ( depression) didn't kill you, your just damn lucky. Luckier still if you can find a treatment that works. Well thats my brilliance , haha for today.... 

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    I have lost so much hair and I started rogain again today. Solution this time instead of foam.

    has anyone used it???

  21. dreinke
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    It has been years since posting here or replying to content. Too busy living life. Just got back from a two week trip to Spain. I keep busy updating my personal blog and writing chapters in a collaborative stroke book.  I barely have enough time writing 5-25 posts a day to visit stroke forums along with a full time job.  Deans' Stroke Musings for those who aren't offended by swearing. 11 years and having the time of my life.  My 10,000 step a day goal has been going strong for 13 weeks.

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    I'm just sitting here bored out of my mind.  there is no one down in the Social Room I want to visit with. (I live in an Independent Living Senior apartment building-I'm the youngest one here by a few years).  There isn't anything on tv except for all the controversy surrounding "you know who" for a while until baseball comes on.  was supposed to have an MRI yesterday but the machine broke Monday night so now I have to wait until May1.  Have a 48 hour EEG coming up next Mon-Wed. decided to stop my volunteer work with the local bus company because I was concerned about being out with a group and having one of my episodes. I was a Mobility Mentor-we go with seniors/disabled on the bus to appointments/shopping/outings.   We show them how to ride the bus and help them get there and back home. I'm also the Activities Coordinator for the Mobility Travel Club I set up here in my building-I look for things for the travel club to do and schedules the outings.  having one of my episodes and not feeling to hot but don't want to go be alone in my apartment. I will be so glad when we figure out what is going on with me and takes steps to resolve these issues. of course that may not happen, but I am hopeful.

  22. thejule1
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    I'm ashamed to say I have not been on here for a long time.  Larry has had some health issues lately.  I was in the hospital overnight for the first time in 30 years due to a blood pressure problem.  Luckily my son was able to be here to take care of Larry.  Fortunately I was only in the hospital for one night but I need to plan a "what if" should I be unable to take care of him for a longer period next time.  You never know what is around the corner. 

    For the second time since the end of 2014 Larry had another battle with aspiration pnuemonia.   He was doing well on the feeding tube after we got him on the right formula two years ago.  He finally gained weight and was at 183.  This last hospitalization knocked the daylights out of him.  He was in the hospital for a couple of weeks and then in the short term rehab for another month.  Due to all the antibiotics he was taking, he contracted C-Diff.  He continued to work hard in therapy which helped.   He was able to come home but it took a while before he was able to walk with his cane again.  I couldn't get our good physical therapist until 5 days later.  He has made good progress and is walking again with his cane and transferring well.  He had his 7th stroke anniversary in February.  I can tell he has declined some over the years but I am happy I was able to get him back home again.  He is looking forward to watching our first Cardinal home game this Sunday.  

    We are lucky that we have not had any snow to speak of so far.  Spring is starting early here.

    My best to all,