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day31 09.02.2014 routine

Posted by Cipeko in Cipeko's Blog, 02 September 2014 - - - - - - · 10 views

Hello all,

Today is september 2nd, its 7:30pm here, and I've spent just over an hour at grandma. It was a funny coincidence that me, my mother and uncle arrived there without knowing that we'd all be there, and with a 10 min difference each...it was really really funny. The nurse (Cevriye) was shocked as well, she said "so this is just a coincidence, rig...

My First Blog

Posted by KarenFarris in KarenFarris' Blog, 01 September 2014 - - - - - - · 58 views

Hi. My name is Karen. This is my first blog. My husband, Keith, had a stroke on September 19, 2013 - almost a year ago. I thought by now I would really have a handle on all of this and I don't! In the beginning I was in utter shock - the stroke, the surgery, icu, rehab, coming home and then out-patient therapy and there was no time to really process i...

Another dog. For our family. Susie Q

Posted by ruthpill in ruthpill's Blog, 31 August 2014 - - - - - - · 28 views

My neighbor passed away today. I am taking care of her two dogs. One will be picked up the grand-daughter and wm and I will take over the one that iAd bought for her. All of the dogs related really well to one another. I guess what is one more. .? Or we shall see. It makes me sad to think of Ann being gone but she was ready, really bad Copd. It...

forms of support

Posted by HostSue in Sue's Sentiments, 31 August 2014 - - - - - - · 41 views

Today I heard three sermons, one at the Anglican Church, one at the Salvation Army and one at the closing ceremony of a women's enrichment weekend. I have just got back home so I am feeling pretty tired. No, I did not participate myself in the weekend but I was a sponsor so I took my candidate (new attendee) up on Thursday afternoon and brought her bac...

Good morning world! What does today bring?

Posted by Grannyjudymac72 in Grannyjudymac72's Blog, 30 August 2014 - * * * * * · 72 views

Interesting feeling today. Not sure if it's just tiredness or numbness. But today is a new day and I plan on trying to be ready for it. This has been a busy week for us and each day has been filled with appointments, therapy, visitors and motivational talks with Ray. I asked him an interesting question about three days ago and got an interesting answer...

Car Sales

Posted by srademacher in spacie1's Blog, 27 August 2014 - - - - - - · 47 views

Car Sales There is nothing I have dreaded more in my life than having to deal with car sales people.........not even a colonoscopy, mammogram, root canal is as bad as this. I worried about Dan earlier this week when I knew he was out looking for a new truck. Now with all the websites on the internet, you can look up exactly what you want, price them from different...

Mom Coming Home

Posted by johnk6749 in johnk6749's Blog, 24 August 2014 - * * * * * · 126 views

Mom is coming home on Tuesday 8/26. The insurance company decided she has been in rehab long enough. Mom is going to love it. She has never been away from home this long in her life(6 1/2 weeks). Every day she wants to go home. She just says "Let's get our stuff and go." She cries at night and calls my name. She will be so much more comfortable in her fam...

Welcome Jade!

Posted by lwisman in Lin's Musings, 23 August 2014 - - - - - - · 64 views

Welcome Jade! On Tuesday I adopted a new cat. Actually she was the first cat I was shown at the shelter. They have 130 cats for adoption, but after telling them my parameters they suggested about six. She is a tortoiseshell cat with the most magnificent green eyes. Hence her name is Jade. She also has a yellow “bib” which is an interesting feature.

A volunteer found h...

going with flow instead of resisting

Posted by achandra in achandra's Blog, 21 August 2014 - - - - - - · 69 views

I was just thinking how come I don't blog bad things which happen from time to time in my life. But I have also noticed that I tend to not dwell on things which when don't go my way, instead of getting aggravated I just go oh well whatever. Well it does drive some of perfectionists in my extended family crazy. luckily hubby is glass half full type of guy...

Bad Day for Me, Yesterday...Oh No, What's next?!

Posted by LadyRose in LadyRose's Blog, 18 August 2014 - - - - - - · 89 views

On Saturday, the 16th I had a really enjoyable day outside attending a friend's birthday party but the good day was, unfortunately, followed by a bad day yesterday (Sunday, August 17th)... I spent 4 hours at the hospital ER. I had got out of bed in the AM , hubby did not and my son was on another level of the house. After using the bathroom, I went to th...

Loss of cognition has some plus points...

Posted by ajcee in ajcee's Blog, 17 August 2014 - - - - - - · 75 views

Most individuals suffer memory loss as the years add up. Certainly, with a stroke, this loss often increases concerns of dementia or Alzheimer's Disease. At age 87, I know too well of what I speak, and find it more complex, as my spouse is near my age with a number of serious illnesses, including memory loss. We are learning to accept these shortcomings i...

Happy 1st year Post Stroke Anniversary to me!!

Posted by Tinamomof2 in Tinamomof2's Blog, 16 August 2014 - * * * * * · 60 views

Today marks my 1 year post stroke anniversary! Yeah! I made it through the year with no more strokes, mini strokes or nothing!!

I am happy because I read some where, during the 1st year after stroke the chances of having another one is 35%--I have been worried about that.

This anniversary means so many things, good and bad. I wouldn't wish a stroke on m...

I'm Back From Las Vegas With A Few Bucks

Posted by fking in fking's Blog, 16 August 2014 - - - - - - · 74 views

Hello gang, I'm back home for a day or three of needed rest, man this trip tired me plum out physically trying to ride those buses that picks you up from the Airport to take you to your hotel!!! I tell you now the steps to get in are to tall if you got one side of your body paralyzed like I do!!! My good knee gave out and I couldn't support my other leg t...

Quick update

Posted by GeorgeLesley in Gizmo, Gadget Guy, 04 August 2014 - - - - - - · 120 views

Just have time for a quick update. Summer is flying by as always up here. June was a blur as several cousins, etc came to FISH. The pressure was on to guide them to good fishing. I worried about all the usual things like will the weather allow it, will the bugs eat them alive, etc, etc. In the end it all went well, all caught fish including the 9 yr old b...

More Bad News!

Posted by catbeleu in catbeleu's Blog, 20 July 2014 - - - - - - · 212 views

Ok so one of these days, and I hope it is in the very near future, I am going to be able to post some good news. For now I will just fill you in on what has happened to my family yet again! As most of you know I lost my Mom in February, my Dad in May and now my sister in law and on the 3rd anniversary of my brothers death! She was not the spouse o...

Lindsey Sterling

Posted by wiremanranch in wiremanranch's Blog, 19 July 2014 - - - - - - · 91 views

Lindsey Sterling is amazing. Lzzy Hale is guest vocals from Halestorm. . They have several videos on You Tube.

Our midsummer update

Posted by 1967stingray in 1967stingray's Blog, 19 July 2014 - - - - - - · 145 views

Figured it’s time for an update, nothing major but we’re moving along I guess.

We go Monday to see the orthopedist, to find out if Ray’s arm is officially “healed”. Luckily the break was minimally displaced, plus it’s his paralyzed arm, so he hasn’t needed a cast or sling. That does makes things tough for me, I didn’t realize how much I used his arms a...

Catching up from the beginning.

Posted by StevenM in StevenM's Blog, 18 July 2014 - - - - - - · 126 views

On July 9th, 2014, I did not think when I woke up that I would and up being a stroke caregiver. My day started out like any other day going to work coming home helping my wife with any activities or anything events going on around the house. That day she had been outside in our high heat high humidity day painting the house climbing a ladder to get to the...


Posted by trena777 in trena777's Blog, 13 July 2014 - - - - - - · 195 views

I have a question maybe someone on here has or is experiencing. I had several tia's and my main issue is numbness, tingling and burning sensation in my hand and face so far nothing seems to be helping any suggestions?

no cancer!

Posted by follys in follys' Blog, 03 July 2014 - - - - - - · 266 views

did the barium swallow today. I thought it a little unlikely that I might have esophageal cancer. but since the outcome is entirely grim I was very concerned. the equipment at out regional hospital was really quite good. but the first thing they did was take a number of chest exrays and then redid some of them. Debbie then told me she was taking them...

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