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10 years and the stroke keeps giving - lol

I reported in a earlier blog that Dan had a gastro bug--- nope it ended up being a UTI--he lingered around with that for 2 months before it was figured out. Then the shake out, the urologist here in town says Dan needs to either wear a catheter forever or I learn to cath him. Of not its kinda funny in its own sick way, the urologist has no holistic approach for us. He basically really thought Dan could cath himself.  No other options- no surgical procedure etc. UMMMM - his entire right arm is st

Strokenet was down for awhile- I guess

WOW its been since April since Ive posted, tried to log in and it said error. Anyhow Happy its back - I was worried. This site has lots of valuable information - lots of stories .  Dans not doing well - he's got some gastro intestinal bug, been to the ER couple days ago, followed up with his doc, he seemed to feel better for a bit and now he is suffering again. Seems like its always something- But thats no different than anyone else. I just wanted to check in. Oh the friend who's husband had a s