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should be interesting



next week the surveyor will again be at our camp. he will note that his marker has been moved and will place new ones. it will show neighbors fence is on our property. pictures will be taken and marker put in so it can't be removed. not sure if trooper will be called . i won't have all the details because i'll be at grandaughter's graduation from preschoolbiggrin2.gifhard to believe they have graduation from a preschool. she's all set for kindergarten. has met the 3 teachers and there was only 1 that she and her parents didn't like. has been there about 20 yrs. and seems to have a little burnout going on.i get it with just an afternoon with the kids. asked abby for some of her energy but she wouldn't give me any that she needed it.. if only that was in pill formdribble.gif ,we already know which teacher she'll get. husband never seems to ask as many questions as i do.blahblah1.gif also although neighbor did move dock, he left the post (not quite a 4x4) that was keeping his dock from moving, just sticking up about three ft. in the airranting.gif .i feel it's a hazard to boaters. i just know that when my husband puts in our dock, it will no longer be there.rolleyes.gif

i will keep you informed of our own soap opera.laughbounce.gif i'll be as happy as you when it's all

settled. blessings lynn

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Lynn: all will work out. Sounds like it is all under control and if authorities have to be called in, so be it. Enjoy your graduation-lol! Of all the graduations Britt has had, I think pre=school was my favorite. You will laugh and cry, and that is why they do it! Enjoy-Debbie

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