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Did I say I couldn't wait till summer?



It's like an Alfred Hitchcock movie. The 13 yr. cicadas came out of the ground to greet us and boy are they noisy, irritating and flying everywhere. :ranting: I took Larry to a store today and tried to park away from any trees. When we came out and were walking to the car I said, "Oh, Larry you have a cicada on your shirt". Big one! Then when we got in the car and I started driving there was one on my blouse! I flicked it off and it chirped back at me. I got out of the car and shook my blouse to make sure it was gone. It seemed there were more in this area than in our neighborhood. I can't wait until they leave! Also, it's been so hot lately - 96 today and more to come. We decided to stay home for the rest of the day. Last night after we went to bed, we heard fireworks going off for about 20 min. A community nearby was having a festival. Tis the season!



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Julie: wild ride this year with Mother Nature. I keep thinking what next? I find their music soothing, but then I do not have the volume you seem to. We have dogs here-on all sides, all very well behaved and monitored. But when one is out for a walk, we have a lovely chorus from the rest. I have taken to going to bottom of ramp. Not only do I get to chat with neighbors, but have met some of the new people, so it has been a positive. 96 degrees is tough. Two weeks back we went from 45 to 80 in 24 hours. Fortunately our Carl came and put in the AC, so we are ready to go. This week is real NE Spring-70 degree days, upper 50's at night. Perfect sleeping weather with the windows open. Very nice. Good week, Debbie

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