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Words Of Wisdom For The Graduates Everywhere



We need heroes today. We need someone to believe in and look up to. We need someone who has accomplished something to give us the courage to believe in the invisible. We need role models and men whose shadows we may stand in, men who provide a cool refreshing place of safety away from the despair of our oppressive society. It's just that all the "Supermen " in the church seem to have somehow gotten zapped by "Kryptonite." Either they or their reputations have wilted into the abyss of human failure.


What are we going to do as we face this generation? From drug using political officials to prostitute-purchasing preachers, the stars are falling on the hands of this generation! All of their wonder and dreams have turned into a comic book; a comic book that somehow doesn't seem funny anymore. Where did all our heroes go?


We are suffering from an eroding sense of family, not just of family values. The entire concept of the family, period, has been crumbling because of this society's growing acceptance of non traditional families.We have had wars to take away our young men, husbands and fathers whom have never seen the children they fathered. More and more women have chosen to be mothers without fathers. Still others have become single parents by necessity, not by choice.


The husbands in good standings with wives and children has gone astray to choose another man as his mate or another woman out of wedlock in spite of his wife of many years. The gay community has added to the confusion by establishing "homes" that do not reflect God's original plan for child-rearing. So, now we have twisted minds, homes and leaders that are producing twisted children.


The solution to the human puzzle is not in secular humanism or other philosophies that remove God from the picture but, rather, the solution is found in God's Word, the Holy Bible! God is the ultimate Superhero! Who else can tear down a city in seconds any where in the world that takes man years to replace?


Our world graduates of today has to step up to the plate in our societies and continue the principles the world and countries were founded on years ago. We must get back to basics and family values starting today based on the teachings of our parents when their words of wisdom satisfied our concerns and was taken from the same bible we know today! The commandments are written and taught by our parents of days gone by. The words of wisdom is still ours to give the graduates of today! :rolleyes: :Clap-Hands:


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Fred, we are always looking for heroes in the wrong places. We choose military commanders, movie stars, sporting personalities, we have forgotten to look at our own parents and our own neighbours for our every day work-a-day heroes. We don't need people we have to look up to or see from afar, we need people we can live with and work alongside.


Here too heroes have clay feet, we do too. Maybe what we really need is to be humble again and see that all human beings are flawed but can ascend that and become people who are community minded, God fearing good guys anyway! Good men like you Fred.



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Fred: Your blog was so gut-wretching honest and true and so well written. I agree that God is the answer to everything. He can bring things together for the good of all but it is in His time not ours. With all the wrongs going on around the world by those who are supposed to be our role models, it is not wonder some people think the world is coming to an end. I can only do my part with the young people I know and my nieces and nephews know that Aunt Leah talks about loving kindness, patience and morals. If each of us can pass on what we believe in, it might may a difference to some, but in the end God had the control. He has given me the courage and strength to go through hard times since my stroke and I again am on the upswing. I hope tomorrow I have time to write a blog; but I must say it has been nice of late living life as a stroke survivor in the NOW and be content with my lot. Leah

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