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Involved in celebrations



Well the weather has finally cooperated and turned cooler. I just wish those pesky cicadas with long wings and bulging eyes would get out of town. It's not too bad to hear them singing in the trees but when they get in your car or get down your blouse, that's bad. :yucky: Larry & I went to a graduation party last Sat. His daughter and her husband had a party for her husband's daughter. They are party people, so 50 people were invited. We sat outside part of the time and weather was cool. (no cicadas there) For the most part, I sat by Larry while people came to us to chat as it was hard for Larry to walk around. I didn't want to leave him alone sitting in his chair. People were kind in helping him down to the yard area and in and out of chairs. We left early as I knew Larry was getting tired, and also cold, as usual. We are not big party people these days. lol Yesterday we went out to lunch for our anniversary. We went to a nice restaurant and Larry ate everything on his plate. This was a nice treat and Larry said he enjoyed it. I know I did! :D This weekend we are going to a concert and friends are picking us up and taking us there. I'm looking forward to this but I hope Larry will hold up. We will be gone for a few hours. It's nice to get out.




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I am sure you are going to have good time attending concert. I love these small breaks on weekends it breaks monotony of life.



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Julie, It is fantastic that you are able to stay involved with as many outside activities as you can. It is all too easy to stay in with our men and become more and more isolated. I applaud you and hope your next outing is wonderful.


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Julie: well who is turning out to be the social couple! Good news. Just took Larry some time to figure out where he was at and where he is going. And good for him. You enjoy honey. You paid a high price for this and with patience and love, things are looking good! Debbie

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