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time to brag about our son



I know I complain abut our son, there are times when he makes me very angry, but also there are times when he makes us very happy. Just few days ago we get letter from school saying please attend award ceremony since our son has been awarded some awards during his middle school graduation. I try to find from him but ofcourse he has no idea why & what awards he is getting. So finally yesterday when we attented award ceremony with other parents. all the kids were on stage & parents in auditorium. you should see joy in that hall. our son got presidential & honor roll award for his academic performance. we live in great neigbhourhood where parents are very involve with the school district, and you can see so many kids doing so well in studies,art & atheletics.It makes you believe that parents & school district working together makes great kids. We are so proud of our son. I am so greatful to survive & beat this stroke to enjoy this joyous moments in our life. ok now I will get off my brag box lol




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Asha, that is good news and a great honor for him. :cheer: It also means you are doing a good job raising him. We just had a visit from our granddaughter, Emily, who had a similar award and perfect attendance. She has struggled in the past so it is so good to see she is doing well.



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Asha: what a wonderful blog. Amazing when they make us so proud. Good for him, will look great on his resume for college; but what a terrific kid, to accomplish all of that. Wear that smile proudly, Mom. Debbie

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That's not bragging, that's the happy talk of a well pleased mother of her son and his accomplishments in school. All your nights you stayed up helping him study has paid off, you gotta be proud and glad you survived the stroke to be here with your wonderful family!


I'm the same way about my 6 year old grand daughter in a Christian school being promoted to the third grade when school starts back next month! :big_grin: I work with her on the time tables, reading, writing and spelling subjects!


Some parents just don't have the patience with kids these days, I do!

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Asha this doesn't surprise me - I know yoiur are a very smart, wise & loving mom your & hubby take your son & marriage seriously -- the ingredients for a successful happy kid!

Con gratulate him from your strpkenet buddies.

Bask in the glow of it


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