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Get Out The House And Get Out Of Town Too



I need a big brake so I will get out of the house and out of town too. I talked my sweet wife, funny how we call them sweet, when they agree with us, into going to Shreveport to a casino so she can play the penny machine for awhile. I get to put a few quarters in the machine, ride around, and eat some ribs they have prepared for fathers day celebration.


All fathers can eat half price with family members which ain't bad, full price is 19.95 plus tax. :big_grin: There isn't much going on here so this will be a great time to gas up at 3.42 a gallon and hit the road! Family time is good time and we get to stay at the Barksdale AFB guess quarters for a small fee by being a military retiree!


My wife will want to shop at the Exchange on the base I'm sure but I mentioned to her I'm not getting a u-haul hooked to my car for the trip back. We don't go to New Orleans much anymore since her mom passed in October last year and her baby sister is working 6 days a week. The big casino is there and she has comps earned from playing the machines that we use for free rooms and free food.


It's not summer time yet, by 3 days still, but it sure does feel like it with 100 degree heat and today is day number 6 in a row. It's such a draught here the fireworks for the 4th of July celebrations across the state has been cancelled. Feed for the livestock is processing around the clock so the ranchers and farmers can feed their animals. All the crops are parched from the sun and no rain lately.


The grass in my yard is the same way, golden brown but my tree in the front yard is green. The birds had a nest in the tree but the high wind blew the baby birds out onto the ground. I assume their momma and poppa bird got them back in the tree, if not they may have been tender food for some animal!


I think I need a get-a-way and my wife has been working overtime to cover for some of her coworkers out for family reasons. So, off I go in about an hour, it's a five hour drive there. Guess who's driving? She went to work at 7am while I Slept to be ready. Normally we go for two or more days but this will be a turn-a-round trip this time! As I said, just a quick get a way! :big_grin: :happydance:


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enjoy your short trip & casino. I love weekend getaway it breaks monotony of life. have great fathers day. we are going out to temple for fathers day.



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