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Father's day weekend



Today was Sunday. William's favorite day of the week. He loves going to church.


Yesterday at the pool William decided to set the count. this is the number of times that we walk the length of the pool. He decided on the Number 20. But, he finished it in about 30 minutes. He wanted to leave the pool. I could not get him to understand that the time had to be met too. WE need to work for an hour.


Arguing with him was useless. I finally had to give in and let him out of the pool. I talked with him afterwards and told him that he is getting better and can do the laps faster...this just means that he has to do more. That cognitive demention is irritating. Sometimes, Wm will get it into his head that he is right.


I have talked to him today ...again I told him that we would have a short day in observance of Father's Day. but, tomorrow....we need to work the enitre hour.


let's see how tomorrow goes.


Friday we went on an outing with the YMCA to the San jacinto monument. Wm loved the history and wanted to read more about the battle. I ordered the book "The Raven" about Sam Houston for a father's day present.


For some reason Wm does not to read ...So I read to him. He loves the way that I read and compliments my skill. I usually do not mind. In fact, i am getting to enjoy history. That is a side effect of my reading to William.


The restaurant at the monument Inn had a lift that brought William up the flight of stairs. They said that the freight elevator was hot and full of mosquitoes. Wm loved the stair lift. he wants one for the house.


All in all William has had a wonderful Father's day weekend. He got text messages from 3 of his children. He was really waiting for that.


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That sounds like a terrific outing you had on Friday. I too cannot get Larry to read as he use to be an avid reader and was a big John Grisham fan. I'm glad William is progressing and doing well.



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I have to share something. Since I had my stroke in May 2005 I had a hard time reading. Last December I got a Kindle as a present and love it. I wasn't reading like I use to because the books are hard to hold and heavy. The Kindle is light weight and easy to read with. You can change the font to a larger type too. You can also put your book to Audio. I use that once in a while when I am alone. I hope this is of some use to you.


Mary Goldberg

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