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We made it back and in good shape with a little resting up. Everything went as planned...Almost...I lost on the quarter machine, about 60 bucks in all, then I played the dollar machine and won a fist full of dollars. I kept playing it for about two hours and it paid off several times. The biggest one was 750 dollars then I hit several 80's, 120's so I quit with a cash out ticket for 900 bucks. I couldn't reach a thousand dollars.


Every time I got closer the next few times I would lose, so I made up my mind I would not get below 900 showing on the screen so I quit at that point. A man two machines from me kept putting in 20 dollar bills and when I moved my scooter he said he was down 300 dollars! I don't know if he ever got some of the money back!


My wife plays the penny machines with all those bars and emblems on the screen in about 9 lines. That would drive me batty trying to figure out what I won! She got in plenty playing time for comps to be awarded for her next trip to pay for food and hotel rooms on the next stay there! :Clap-Hands:


I can't say when our next trip will be but probably back to New Orleans before the end of the year visiting her family members and we stay and play at Harrah's casino downtown! I'm pretty luck there most of the times and I play the quarter machines longer too! It's good to get away and out of town when you can. Makes coping with being a stroke survivor a bit better for me. I have to be doing something all the time or I get bored easily!


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Congratulations on your win. I'm happy you had a nice outing. I'm ready to try to take Larry somewhere but I'm not sure yet.



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Ha Fred: you had a blast and I am so envious! What a terrific day! My best friend plays the pennies. She wanted to be the first one to take Bruce out: first restaurant, first casino run. Bruce was a tough transfer chair to chair, wanted to change often and my Bazz was right there for him. At one point said to me go-we are fine. I come back. They are tag-teaming a machine, the lights and screen are going off! They split $700.00. Bruce kept his stash for the next trips-lol. We are going to try an overnight, nust need a room on the first floor. Concierge will call me. Weekdays are OK, so hopefully soon. Good for you all and those comps for the next trip make it so welcoming-lol. Debbie

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