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I am so lucky to married best guy in whole wide world



I am so fortunate & lucky to be married to my soulmate & love of my life by sheer great luck. I know prestroke I was too blind & arrogant to realize that, but post stroke I am realizing how lucky I have got. my weak point is I never notice small things which gets done automatically without me doing anything about it like garbage done emptying, many small things around the house which does not even come under my radar. For me life runs smoothly since husband fairy does everything I miss lol. recently I had my stress test & it came abnormal & since I have history of stroke my cardiologist was more proactive & ordered heart catherization to make sure all my heart arteries are free of plaque. ofcourse when I read more about it online I was scared of the procedure, I didn't realize hubby was also scared of it. I made sure the previous day all my chores were taken care of & told him about things I usually take care around the house & made him aware of all kido's activities of the summer. One would think the way I was telling him things that I might never come home, procedure was done on wednesday & all my arteries in good condition no plumbing needed there, so now just have to rest for couple of days till my wrist heals from the puncture site. I was laughing & telling hubby how scared I was & he said sweetest thing to me he said I would have died had anything happened to you on surgery day. he had gone to temple just day earlier for my safety. I am in cloud nine since he said, since he shows his love through actions & not words, so its big deal that he told me this. I love him so much & I m so lucky to have him in my life.




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Asha, yo do have a wonderful husband. All the glitz and glamour in the world does not compare to the value of a valiant heart. And that and an old fashioned courteousness is what your husband has. And you have learned to treasure his true value.


You are right, he is someone very special. And you, as a good wife and mother are too.



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Oh Asha,


I'm so glad it was two of us Best guys in the whole wide world...One doing your time of getting married then me doing my time which was way ahead of your time for marriage! That's why I had to wait for wife #4! :happydance:


I think guys like us come along about every 25 years or so, never doing the same era so we were spread out over many years to give two lucky ladies the chance of a lifetime to get married! :unsure:


One thing about it, you really know it when you got the right one! :oohlala:

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yes asha you are lucky, as the saying goes, "a good man is hard to find". even after this stroke thing he has stayed by your side and supported you all the way. congrats on the test showing great results.

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asha - yet again another testament to your very loving self. I too am guilty of not seeing what my huaband has done & does for me - but I sure notice when he irritates me. i love you7r writings - I usualltylearn something worthwhile from them




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Asha that is the most romantic story I have ever heard. Do you still think Mahesh is unromantic? I bet you have changed your mind about that now. I am very happy you passed the stress test with flying colors. Be well my friend.



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I,too, am glad you passed your stress test and glad that you have such a compassionate husband by your side and that he has such a lovely lady as you. :hug:

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