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it's been a while but still here



realized it's almost been a month since i last blogged. been feeling in the dumps. weather not great so husband's leg and arthtitis acting up; therefore a lot of arguments at home. patience is not hubby's strong suit. also tallied my credit card bills and don't know how i could have spent so much money and yet don't see where it went; never had balance when working. no longer the situation. spending like i still had job. looking for some cutbacks.not going to stop computer. could and should cut back on number of tv stations but feel it's one of my enjoyments. also my kids are causing me stress. just say i haven't wanted to blog.

meanwhile on a good note-went to grandaugter's preschool graduation so cute. only needed filling for tooth ,hoping it holds up. celebrated abby's 5th birthday and maddie's 2nd birthday.that was fun and a little crazy. mostly doing computer games which i really do enjoy throw.gif and think it helps my memory..will go to camp soon hoping change will do me good. i have a lot of reading here to catch up. miss fred's daily jokes.thinking and praying for all daily. hope ray is doing better.

blessings lynn


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Maybe you missed a couple jokes, but since last week they stopped all jokes on the Humor Forum by the President and CEO himself! I can write anything I desire in my blog so since then I been blogging like crazy! Look for a few now and then in my blogs! :big_grin: I hope you can feel better and get things in order quickly. :unsure:


I figured you may have been on vacation since school was out for the summer!

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thanks for updating your blog I was wondering about you. one thing is very important trying to control your expenses whenever you feel like you want to buy something, ask yourself do you need this item, that way you will realize & spend only on things you need & not want. since credit card bills is you still have to pay mabye not right away but still need to play, there is no point in paying high interest rates on your credit card.



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Lynn, diversify your hobbies, add knitting or painting or something that absorbs your time but doesn't cost a lot of money. Cut out paid TV if that is a big monthly saving.


Outdoors you can enjoy street markets, farmers markets and those cheapie stores that fulfil you shopping urge and cost very little. A day out can be a picnic from home beside the nearest body of water, some bread, a few boiled eggs, keep it simple.


I can shop a lot better now on a small income, staples for the kitchen, cheaper cuts of meat. We recycle all our birthday wrapping paper, shop ahead for gifts when it is sale time,cut back wherever we can. I think I am a much more thoughtful shopper now I have time to look around.


The TV here is about eleven channels, nothing on them I like and I read instead! The computer, yes, I'm with you on that one. Eating out - not often. When I have some time I prepare extra food, freeze it and reheat when I am too busy or too tired to cook.


Lots of ways of saving money and learning to live on a small budgetted income. You will get used to it and the bills will stop mounting up and you can sleep at night.


Good to have you back blogging again. Keep it up.


(((hugs))) from Sue.

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Lynn, You can't let the weather get you down and depressed. It takes more out of you. Think of it this way: take a lemon and turn it into lemon aid (did I get a pucker out of you).

I have a mantra: I am a loving expression of God. remembertolaugh, Jeannie :cocktail:

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