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just went to physiotherapy



well as you know i go to physiotherapy every wednesday and i am always tring new medical toys and this time was no different as you know i got to try the bioness for the hand it is known as the h200series and it does work very well for me but it is very expensive for the bioness so as i was tring out the bioness my pfysiothearpy told me about a arm brace that you wear while you sleep or watch telivision and what it does is it streatch out the muscles for your fingers so that your fingers is less toned and you can get it at a fraction of the cost , if you would like to look it up to see what it looks like it is called the lynxbrace, and after you purchace it it will be fitted by a physiotherapist to ensure that it is very comfortable it then has an adjustable so that you can streach the fingers even more open anfd the cost is 100dollars , if you are interested in learning more about this product just send me a p.m. and ask away i will try to be of all the assistance that i can be i just wanted to let the members know that there is another option open for you as you are going through yourjourney of recovery


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Yea, I could probably use it just can't afford it on my income! It don't cost nothing to look at it and wish! :unsure:



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can you please link to the brace here so that we can explore & do our research on it.here is the link asha is that what you want?://www.pattersonmedical.ca/app.aspx?cmd=get_product&id=80765






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