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its been 5 years, and a bit more.



My precious friend , Sue has been on my case about my inactivity here at strokeboard. She's right. I really should hang out here more. I didnt realize how long it has been since i have checked in. Not a lot has changed. Not really. Eddie has become very focused on a few important things. He had discovered how disorganized I am with the bills. But I am getting them done. Sometimes a late payment, but not usually. You would think after this long that I could of gotten my house in order by now. NOT! I guess im just a slob. I cant even get in my sewing room. I d like to pay someone to come in and just do it, put things away , in an orderly manor. Put stuff that i dont need in a big box or two, ok, maybe 3. and let me go through it. Wouldnt be right not to look, someone may toss out my grandmothers old pinking shears or something of personal value. But the thing is, when I try to do it, old projects start talking to me. Until i get the room cleaned up and back in order, there is not way to be productive. I would just make it a bigger mess.


I did not intend to go there when i started typing. But guess I just needed to get that out. I did go through a little bit of it today.


I need to blog about me for a bit. oh that above??? not really me, thats just the mess. But I have been under depression for awhile myself. back around Janurary, i visited with a psychologist again. I was really having some serious problems with my memory. I was having trouble recalling names of my friends and some of my family. wow, that scared me. My Psychologist just bluntly told me, the only problem I was having was I have stoped living my life. She asked me how long it had been since I went some place without Eddie. Just for my own fun? I couldnt even remember. So she gave me a calendar to start keeping track of what i do, and she wanted to see several outings alone, for something I want to do. I did go do a few things. but lost the calendar before my next appointment. Im working on it, but I am better. I have sat around this winter and gotten fat and lazy. Not good.


I did find a nice diversion from reality, right here at home. I am now addicted to playing an online face book game. Kingdomes of Camelot. Wonder how many of u know what that one is, or even play it. But i am on it way too much. I know i am. Its also a social thing. I have friends there, who think highly of me. :-D thats nice onece in a while.


this is long enough for this time. I will continue later...


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hey Babz:


I m glad you resurrected your blog finally. as I told you blogging & chatting has help me deal with my depression. I used to be vey disorganized person too & hubby is very organized. trick I learnt which has helped me immensely is I take care of bills immediately if I keep it for later day then might will forget mailing & end up paying fine so I pay them right away. Also I have made lot of bills direct deposit so that I don't have to worry about them. only our credit card bills I do personally since I want to check that bill completly. for my son & our family activity small pocketbook calender has helped me immensely. actually that pocketbook calender initially gave me feeling of control when I felt so much was out of my control. hope to see you around more often, this could be your metime.



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Hi Babs, great to see you back on here. I don't do games and applications on Facebook as I prefer chatting to friends or being on here.


I too have trouble paying bills on time. I think I am so focussed on Ray sometimes everything else goes out of my mind.


I do have to sometimes separate Ray's time from my time though. I need sometimes to just be "Sue alone" and here on Strokenet is one of those places.


I hope to see you here a lot more dear friend.


(((hugs))) from Sue.

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