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The 4th Of July Celebration In America



This is a big celebration for many people in America and some will be traveling to Grandma's house with the kids before they must return to school next month! As usual there will be fireworks, displays, BBQ parties on the beaches, in the back yards and just enjoying the Monday off with family and friends.


Many will be traveling by car, others by airplanes and even by buses. I prefer not to be on the highway during this time...Too many drunk drivers out there on the roads! In my opinion it's better to stay home enjoy the family, friends and neighbors sharing in the food and the preparation of dishes!


After that when the day turns to night the fireworks come out. The skies are all lit up the kids are amazed! Where ever you may be just be careful with the fireworks. Some people will shoot their guns in the air but the sad part is people shooting guns will get killed each year some how!


I hate being on the roads and highways so I will be home with my family. I hope all of you make it a safe holiday anyway you can! My wife has to work Tuesday morning early at the bank since the bank will be closed the 4th. That's when I see my stroke as another reason not to travel on big holidays.


I hope all of you enjoy a safe and peaceful 4th! :big_grin: :happydance:



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Fred, national holiday celebrations, special days like 4th of July, are good days for us all to reflect on how lucky we are to be born into a country that is free and easy going and puts the welfare of its citizens first.


I am glad you will be at home with your loved ones, that is a precious part of our heritage too. Just enjoy the day in your own special way.



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