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our family 4th of July celebration



Yesterday, our daughter hosted a wonderful family gathering at her home. We started early at our home. Eddie fired up our smoker. He loves doing that,and I am so happy he can do it. He smoked 3 racks of pork ribs. MmmmMMmmMMmm they were very meaty and juicy and flavorful. Around 5ish we were at her home. We are looking at a home in her area, about 30 miles from our current house. So we took my sister, our son and his wife to look at a house we are considering. Then stopped at a firework stand. Its legal to fire them off in her town. I havnt bought fireworks in a very long time. When we returned to her home, we had a very nice BBQ dinner together. Then outside to the firework fun. When I was a kid, we would buy the little black cat fire crackers, untangle them so we can shoot of the individual ones. We would have fun with those all day long, sometimes several days. There are so many things you can do with them. But now, the fuse is so much shorter than it used to be. No more lighting and throwing. I showed my 10 yr old grandson how to light them, and move back. Then other things like, putting it under a cup and blowing it up high.. well, 3 or 4 inches high. It was amazing how quickly he caught on to all the many things he could do with them. For him, dark came far too early. LOL Between the 3 familys, we had quite a firework show. It was really good for all of us to be together and enjoy each other like this. Yes the weather was hot, it has been really hot here since mid june. But we were inside until things cooled off some. After dark we really enjoyed. She lives kind of in the country, at least away from the city lights. It was so good to look up and actually see the stars. We just sit and visited after the fireworks were gone. The kids ran around the yard with flashlights. They were supposed to be picking up the spent fireworks, but they were just enjoying eachother and the flashlights.


We arrived back home after midnight. Yes, we were really tired. But we have today to rest up. It was a Great time with family.


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hey Barbara:


I am so happy you had great time with your family 4th july celebration. I have done lot of fireworks in my childhood growing up in India while celebrating our indian new year. Though here I enjoy watching firework display in our town with my family. Though sometime brother gets sparkle & simple fireworks to do from PA & our kids enjoy lighting them on our Indian new year here in US but its peanut compared to fun we used to have in India while growing up. having this kind of gatherings with family does break monotony of life & gives you strength to go on.



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Babs, we had the family together yesterday too as Shirley and family are up for the winter school break and to visit Ray in hospital.


We worked out it is 18 months since all six little ones had been together but they seemed to enjoy each others company.


I'd love to live near our daughter but I guess that will never happen as she moves every three years with the Salvation Army.


Glad you had a happy day. Sue.

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