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Working on my physical well being...what a change!



I have decided that i need to work on my physical well being. I have gotten out of shape. two years of caregiving does a job on the old body.


I have decided that I will work out when I take William to the Y. I work with him in the pool for 50-60 minutes. I then have him wait on the chair while I swim for 10-15 minutes. I am so out of shape that I can only do laps for that long. I need to work up. Next, I give us showers.


I push William to the lobby and he has his meds and coffee and can watch TV or look into the workout room where I am. I do the eliptical or bike and weights for 15-20 minutes. As long as William takes to take his meds and then get bored and want to leave.


I get him home and put him to bed and then return to the Y to do another 1 hr of cardio. Let's see if I can keep this up.


I got my haircut ....gotta keep it short for the pool. went to the grocery store and did some needed paperwork.


I got William up and said let's go out for breakfast. I was going to go to I-Hop. But, all of the handicapped parking was taken. I said let's try someplace else. We drove and found a Panera's bread. William loves the Mediteranean sandwich and potato soup. Then he caught sight of the breakfast cibatta sandwich and lemonade. For some reason. William always wants lemonade. Then he wanted coffee. I had to say, lets try what we have and then I can order more If you want. He still wanted the Mediterranean sandwich...I had cancelled that and got the breakfast sandwish. i told him that we would try that Mediteranean sandwich another day.


We were next to Ross's. William has been asking me to bring him there. I offered. At first he said that he was tired then he said , No, I want to go. We went and bought him a couple of shirts and underpants. I needed a skillet and got one there.


I needed to go by the bank. But, William didn't want to and neither did I. I said that we could do that tomorrow. There is always tomorrow.


A friend at the Y asked me if I thought that William would ever walk again. I said that yes, i do believe that he will. It is just so slow. Wm is improving.. We are talking in years not days.


I told Wm that I had read that Panera's was a healthy place to eat than most.


Now , I am off to work this afternoon.




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could use a bit of a workout myself ruth. Found out just before I went down I too am out of shape. Went for a walk after being aggravated a few weeks ago. that night I suffered charlie horses in both legs.

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make it routine that days u go to Y u have to exercise rain or shine & it will happen. I love Panera too when I was working we would always go there from work with my collegues. So somehow don't go often with family. is william walking little on treadmill? if yes then I feel doing treadmill often will help too.



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Ruth: great idea. You got me to thinking. Just spotting Bruce in the pool does nothing for my physical fitness. When he does his leg exercises at the side of the pool, I would do laps, just to stretch and work those legs.


You are such a strong supporter of William's recovery. Willing to go full out to show him what is best for his recovery and supportive of what he choses to do. I too feel he will walk soon on his own. Just the fact that you have spent the last two years asking this and William still agrees, is so positive.


Good reminder. We too do need to get out for a dinner out. We do not have the heat you all are experiencing, so I tend to lean to our deck and cooking out on the grill. Can't wait for the scooter batteries to arrive, so Bruce can take over the grill and I can do the sides, relax and have a glass of wine.


Good chat last night. Good week, Debbie

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