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Update on Jerry

AZ Leah


I have depended on Jerry so much for his strength that it is hard to kinda' take the lead..but I'm doing a little more than usual and not bugging him for things not done.


Yesterday we met with Jerry’s oncologist, Dr. Richard Brooks. He has a wonderful bedside manner and is calm and patient and uses words we can understand. After a consultation and review of medical records, he examined Jerry adding that he was in real good shape which should help matters no matter what happens He than called the hospital next door and was able to get a dr. to come over to his office do a biopsy of the “ bump” on his shoulder blade. It is about the size of a grape and moves around. It is not in a place where there are any lymph nodes. Next they drew blood. They are scheduling a PET SCAN to get more complete, precise data. Dr. Brooks said there is definitely something going on in the bottom part of his left lung, but he will not say positively it is lung cancer (he is acting on the cautious side). They will call when they get the results from the biopsy and blood tests.


This morning Dr. Brooks called and said the biopsy shows some malignant cells but he isn’t sure if they are cancerous or related to the lung problem. He is scheduling surgery to remove the “lump” at a nearby hospital so then it can be dissected. We haven’t heard more.

So we now sit and wait again, although I am a lot calmer than I was before. Jerry worked out with his trainer (one of his best friends) and I went to have my hair done. So we are taking care of ourselves, physically and emotionally, and it goes to say – spiritually. Hugs, Leah


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thank you so much for updating us on Jerry. I love doctors who have great bedside manners. I feel they know what they are dealing with & their comforting words gives peace of mind I am glad you guys got good doctor.you both are still in my thoughts and prayers for all favorable outcome.




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Leah, I admire your patience and endurance. As a caregiver you understand how the waiting game works - that "try to switch of your brain" feeling we all have when waiting.


I hope all is well when the data comes back on what is happening with Jerry.


(((hugs))) from Sue.

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Leah: thank you for the update. I am glad things are moving along. Hopefully hospital will call you tomorrow.

I admire your ability to plan normal activities around the waiting. Good for both of you. Let us know. And you know I think and pray for both of you every day. Debbie

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