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We shall see



Lot's of interesting doings this past month. Three weeks ago I suggested to Bruce that he add a goal every week for 1/2 hour daily. I would not prompt or intercede. But the TV would be off. He agreed and chose reading. He was faithful to the deal the first week. Following Sunday, chose to add another 1/2 hour of reading and again held true to the deal.


Last Sunday, Mister says he is going to walk for his new goal. Well knock me down and when I picked myself up, agreed to help. It has been nine months People! Leo made me promise that after all this time I would be cautious when it came up. He never believed it wouldn't, Bless him. So off to the Kitchen, with the counters to balance. Some weightbearing exercises to get that right foot firmly planted and then off he goes. No AFO, just his Reeboks. I have placed Gait belts in every room, but I also know that after this amount of time, this is a long haul. He is basically starting from step one.


Actually the knee and thigh aren't too bad. However, it is very painful. We start again with a new Physiatrist next Wednesday. Bruce will switch to Medicare in September and Botox will again be paid for, so have him set up to get that going promptly-gotta luv a nurse-lol! Four days in and he is still sticking to it.


Now, his college roommate is due in this weekend for a visit. I know a lot of this is because of that. I am hoping it will continue after Steve leaves. But we all take what we get. Leo, Jen and Cathy all know all of this and are on-board.


But cognitively Bruce is different as well. Incontinence is at a minimum. No total bed changes for three weeks now-Thank God. Pays more attention. Added some more responsibilities here but he has added them: not only folding clothes, putting some away-again no prompt; putting his Estim stuff away and that is tough one-handed. Sent him to his Neuro appointment with Jen-so sense in me taking time from work; no changes, no questions. Jen stayed in the hallway, but listened. Said Bruce did fine and appointment was worthless, which I knew. But we need the Neuro on the team.



An old friend called this weekend. Bruce always sends birthday card and friend noticed the different hand-writing, so he called. Bruce says to him "you know I had a Stroke?" Now I had spoken to the friend earlier in the week and updated him (I had left a message two years ago, but friend says I left it on the wrong phone-lol), so I hear Bruce say "Yes, take my time, but John, if I do, we will be here all day!" Gotta luv him.


Please keep thoughts and prayers coming. Just want to report back good news in a week after our darling Steve is back home. Debbie


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Debbie it is soooo exciting to hear this good report. I certainly is a BIG leap forward when the motivation comes from within our survivors and not from us. An any time incontinence is less is a time for rejoicing.


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:happydance: Progress with walking and progress with the incontinence is great. Yahoo! He seems to be back on the right track. All your work with him is paying off.


I have tried getting Larry to do things other than watching the "boob tube". lol He started using the computer, and my daughter has helped by sending him E-Mails. The one thing I didn't do though is turn the darn thing off. That might be my next thing to try.


Enjoy your week.



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Will miracles never cease. I love miracles. Tell Bruce I am so proud of him.....!!!! I never doubted that he will continue to recover. I am the optomist. I am part of the cheerleaders for you two. Keep up the good work.


I am so happy.



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Thanks you everyone for the support and prayers. But the hits just keep on coming. I am running him ragged with to do stuff: errands, bills, work here because on Saturday we need to shop for our Steve and clean both bathrooms. I've insisted he do all of this with me as well as his regular routine. TOTALLY continent today, even after nap and got up into his WC from bed at 7:15 pm to "visit" with me-"you know, like we used to."


Someone, I hope, wants a life back beyond TV. Again, could not have gotten this far without all of you. Debbie

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I am so happy with Bruce's Progress. Its great to see Bruce wants more out of his life & ready to work for it.



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Wow - what wonderful news... it is great to hear of such amazing progress. I'm so happy for you and Bruce - you and he will remain in my prayers.



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