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Breakfast while watching the workout...



Our new routine is working quite well.


William walks the pool for 45-60 minutes. I give him a shower ...then he watches me swim for 15 minutes..I let him go to the lobby and he has coffee and water and breakfast. Yes, they sell breakfast burritos, and breakfast sandwiches.


I forgot my tennis shoes. Wm says why don't you go and get them?? OK, He stays and watches TV and has coffee and breakfast and I run home and get the shoes.


I come back.. Refill his coffee and get on the machines. I am getting cardio and weights. Finally Wm signals me. He wants to go home.


This is working on his stamina. He is able to stay up after the workout. I bring him home and put him to bed. Then I go and use the pool in our comlex. I may as well get some much needed vitamin D.


William is still snoozing. Poor dear he is exhausted.


Yesterday, we went and visited a friend of William's. A civil war buff. He had to walk into the house and around the house. He did alot of walking. It was good for him. He told me that he needs to walk more at church. Well, this Sunday, I work. So perhaps, next Sunday I will have him him walk more. He walks into the chapel. I guess that I can have him walk out of the chapel. He stand for the singing and prayers. He is doing better.


Today, we go to a play in the evening. I told him to get a rest so that we will be ready for long night. WE will get home at 11:30P.


I had better lie down myself. Or I won't make it.




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Ruth, you and William are now working as team, he is doing well building up his stamina and you are getting fitter too.You do well to do all you do.


I well remember that intensive therapy time then the time after that when I WAS the therapist and scheduled into our days whatever Ray would tolerate. He and I did have some good years from the end of 2001 when Mum went into care until Ray stroked again in 2005. He walked well enough for us to go on travelling holidays in our van, do a few bus tours and live a fairly active life.


It is the every day therapy that pays off in the end.





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Ruth: I was amazed at Bruce this week. I kept his sorry butt so busy, with the every day stuff and the added work of having a weekend guest. Steve doesn't care and I know that, but I would also like some time with him, so added some chores to the daily stuff every day and Bruce was expected to help out.


Like Sue mentioned, there was more teamwork and that is such a positive. Like William telling you to go ahead and get your shoes, he was OK and initiating more walking at church. The suggestions are coming from William. He is involved in his recovery, what is going on and problem solving. As with the stamina, personally, I agree with you, such a positive outcome. Good weekend and hope you enjoy the play. Debbie

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