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Biting fly and mosquito stroke therapy



This is one of those off the wall posts. :bouncing_off_wall: While resting between sessions of tree cutup work, I would dangle my left arm over the arm rest and rest it on the ground. My reason is to let my arm muscles know they can relax but opportunistic flies would come by and give me painful bites on the arm and hand or just go straight through the sock If I had a really poor case of sensation this could be a wonderful therapy for reconnecting the pain receptors in the brain. For a longer term one you could try the scratching produced by mosquito bites. When I would go camping I would have to wear a mitten on my left hand to protect it from mosquito bites.

Then you can consider the movement therapy. Besides the fine motor skills needed to scatch a single bite there is also the fast slapping needed to kill them on the good side of your body. Ask your therapist to be put into a mosquito room for therapy purposes and see what the response is. :roflmao:


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Ha: Just remember Mister that with decreased sensation, itching and decreased blood flow, you are also at greater risk for infection. COVER UP and use a repellent! Debbie

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once a scientist always scientist or should I say nerd:) I feel anything you can do with your affected body part is good therapy.



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