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Dark cloud has finally lifted



Things are going better this week. Larry and I went out to eat for my birthday and he let me choose the restaurant. Well, since I love Italian and had a coupon for a free dessert, we went to Macaroni Grill. I couldn't eat the chocolate cake after so took it home and made it last two days. lol Larry wouldn't eat any. Too bad - more for me. I got a floral delivery from the kids, and mostly gift certificates, as Larry and I have been going out to eat.

The insurance company of person who side swiped me has come through and are accepting liability. :) Now all I have to do is take the car in to get it fixed and get the rental. My nose is healing and looking better, as Larry tells me every morning.

My son came over today and did some errands for me while I ran out to the stores. Larry actually asked if we were going to the rehab center to exercise this afternoon and so we went. The temperatures are climbing into the 100-110 heat indexes. :gleam: I will have to get Larry moving early if I can. He has a dentist appt. Tues. I can get him in a cool car but coming out is a problem as we found out last Tues. All in all a good week.




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Julie, so glad you had a good week. We all have ups and downs on the stroke recovery roller coaster ride so glad you are on the up now.


I'm glad your son participates a bit in helping with Larry and that allows you to get to the stores. The insurance company accepting liability must have been a real relief.



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Julie: so glad that got resolved. Took their own time tho-lol! Never ends.


Glad the healing is going well. Seems like Larry is easing up a bit. Nice to have positive end to the week. Best with the car and let us know.


Sorry about the heat but just wanted you to know your Cicada's made it to Connecticut this week-lol. Thanks for sending them along. Debbie

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Julie, Belated Happy Birthday!

It's good to hear that Larry is paying attention to your beautiful nose is healing. lol!

It's good to hear son is putting his feet in to help you out.

I use to love Macaroni for it's spaghetti and clam sauce, I wish they would put it back on the menu. remembertolaugh, Jeanniebean :cocktail:

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Belated happy birthday. Chocolate cake....YUM! Lucky for you Larry let you have it all. William would maybe have given me a bite. I tell William that we need to share food! I get one and we need to share! Sometimes he doesn't want to share.


I am glad to hear that you are healing and Larry is noticiing.


Have a wonderful weekend.



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