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the accident



First I want to start by thanking EVERYONE who commented on my last entry. It really meant s lot. It's nice to have something encouraging to read when my temporary happiness goes away. I have not let the car accident upset me too much. As I said before, driving was a pain and I was only going necessary places like to work, church, the store so I didn't enjoy it much. I did enjoy the fact that I finally had my license though. Even if I have no car, I still accomplished a milestone by getting my license. I found out I was cited for the accident so if the medical review board hears about this Im sure my license will be taken away after my next evaluation. For those of you wondering here is the way the accident happened

I was on my way to work staying in my far right lane because I knew I had to turn right at the next street and didn't like switching lanes. People on military base are so rude and don't like letting you in especially when everyone (soldiers and civilians) are trying to make it to work on time. People in front of me started getting over to the left lane and I seen police cars further ahead in my lane so I realized I would have to get over as well. I seen the Army jeep to my left and put on my signal and slowed down so he could pass me and I could get in that lane but the longer I had my signal on, the closer I was getting to the police car in front of me and he still was not letting me in. So I increased my speed, got over, then heard my car get bumped behind me, I spun in a circle and braked ending up in the middle lane but not going into the oncoming traffic (it was a 5 lane road). That's what I heard the glass. I looked up to my left and seen the front of the jeep in my window. Basically I was hit twice, from the corner and from the side. No officer took my report. Everyone just kept convincing me to go to the hospital and talk to the cops later. Now I hear I have a citation for improper lane change but how could that be when I was signaling? Everyone had on uniforms (MPs, soldiers in the jeep, medic, and people around) so I don't know who hit me. All I know is I didn't give my side to the story nor was given the opportunity to speak with an officer and they have already cited me. I am going to talk to the investigator next week so please keep me in prayers that I get this straightened out. Im not ready to go back to driving just yet but if I get my license taken away I will be devastated. All I can do is hope they hear my side to the story and reconsider the citation.


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The first question I was asked when I asked for an objective opinion on this was, Why would it go to the medical review board? It's not as though she had a seizure or it was a result of her stroke. Even if she had failed to signal or misjudged and it was her fault, she has her license like everyone else now. People make mistakes all the time, are at fault, and no one reviews them medically to review their licenses. There is no reason why it should be done to her.


Try not to worry honey. You are assuming that it will immediately be attributed to your stroke, instead of maybe jut that you're not a very experienced driver, he was in your blind spot, oops you screwed up. Try to calm down a bit and give yourself a break. Even if it is deterined that you were at fault keep in mind, this is why pencils come with erasers.


You want so badly to be normal honey, learn to accept that "normal" people screw up all the time. Having had a stroke as a child, you never really had a chance to see how imperfect most people really are. I know it must be difficult to have grown up only trying to determine how you measure up through the eyes of your deficits. I guess to some degree it hasn't helped that it each of your accomplishments seems to have...and she's a stroke survivor attached to it like Wow that's what made it such an achievement. Truthfully, what an injustice to you personally. Each alone would be a huge accomplishment even without the stroke thing. Most "normal" kids never achieve those goals because they screw up along the way by not staying focused long enough, keeping their priorities straight, etc. The fact that you were able to in spite of your stroke makes it all the more amazing. Had you not it would not have meant you were broken, just another kid. With your accident now you may just need to realize that you are just another adult, not broken just normal.


Love you,


Maria :mwah:

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please take Maria's advice. I agree with her 100%. you will do yourself injustice if you blame all your growing pains onto stroke. yes with stroke it becomes that much harder, but once you accept your stroke as part of what it made you, other growing pain you will be able to handle just any adult handles in their life. not every day is going to be perfect day, bad & good things happen to everybody every day. but with your stroke survivorship under your belt, you know you have that strength within you to get through whatever comes your way in life.



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