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Weeds, weeds, and more weeds



I thought this title seemed appropriate when I re-read the one I posted about mud. The mud was replaced with grass seed. The spring weather was replaced with mid-western heat and humidity. The new grass that was looking pretty good is now replaced by weeds that love and thrive in the heat and humidity. Every morning and evening I water my weed gardens. lol There is some grass that's thriving. I talked to our lawn guy (never in my life did I think I'd have a lawn guy!) who tells me that they'll reseed the bare spots, fertilize, and do some weed control stuff when the weather cools. Right now I'm not sure that will happen for a while. We've had two weeks of record breaking heat and humidity. In the Indy area we've had high 90° temps with heat index of 105° to 115°. It's supposed to cool off to the upper 80's mid next week. Yowser it's hot!


Dan is still getting stronger. His Medicare facility days ended a week ago and he is on private pay now. It's expensive, but as long as he keeps participating and getting stronger it's worth it. The stronger he gets the less I have to lift when he comes home. He's eating a little more too. His new roommate, Jack, occasionally chimes in on whether Dan is eating or not. Dan informed Jack the other day that he didn't need to report to me...I'm not his mother! lol I don't blame him, it's bad enough that he has me and ST telling him he needs to eat, chew, swallow, drink. He seems to get along well with Jack.


The nurse practitioner and OT are recommending that I get a hoyer lift when he comes home. I'm probably going to do it but I don't want to rely on a lift to transfer him. I view it as a "just in case" need. I can use it on days when he doesn't have the strength or if he falls. In the past I've called 911 when he's fallen, got to know the local fire station guys and gals real well! The problem is that he's got two things hanging out of his belly now...a feed tube and an ostomy bag. I've always used a gait belt around his belly to give me leverage to lift him. Now the gait belt has to go more under his arm pits and that doesn't give me any leverage. In and out of bed isn't too bad because I can grab his britches to help him stand. The problem is getting off the toilet...there's no britches to grab. We'll work through it. We did it before, we'll do it again.

He's very anxious to come home but he doesn't seem to realize that he's not as strong as he was in January.


As I re-read this blog I notice that it sounds a little whiney. I don't mean it to sound whiney or complaining, it's just the facts. It is what it is has been my mantra for the last couple of years. It just seems to fit.


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Hi Mary Jo. Whine on, you are entitled, as you have a lot on your plate to deal with. The midwest weather here sucks too, and I am tired of watering and dealing with the heat on top of everything. Take care of yourself now too before you have Dan coming home. I hope you will have help then too, such as a nurse's aid, home help, or family. My prayers go out to you and Dan.



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Mary Jo: I commend you on your decision to give Dan a bit more time, at your own cost. I know how expensive it is and it is such a tough decision, along with balancing the finances.


Doen't sound like a whine to me. When Bruce was working for himself several years back, he had no time for the law, so we hired a lawn mower man. He would do all the other stuff, but that was the one thing Bruce kep for himself. Bruce said other than fertilizer and basic weed-insect control, he was not going to water every day to accomodate even more chemicals. I did the spot dandelion control and it worked well for years. Come stroke, almost none of the other stuff gets down. Two years now I am sure I put down the wrong stuff at the wrong time and I know Bruce is checking it out. He would never say anything, but I am sure he is appalled. With just an acre to deal with, lawn maintenance kind of takes a back seat. It may not be grass, but it is green-lol.


I agree with your idea on the lift. I hated that the most and fortunately had an excellent PT here at home who made short work of it. I kept it for a few weeks, like you, just in case. But could not have been happier to see it go. With the ostomy bag, you might want to consider having him face the toilet, if the WC fits there or a bedside commode and clean the bag going forward into the toilet or pail. If you can tolerate it, even a bedpan in his lap would work. Buy two pair of one size larger elastic waist pants and always a towel under the ostomy bag. I know I do this all the time, but it does take some getting used to. That way for pee, he could use the urinal sitting or if he can stand using a grip bar and with urinal, grip bar can be anywhere, not just by the toilet. Hopefully all of this will be short-lived with some good work at the Rehab and then some dependable, professional help at home. Best, Debbie

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You are lucky, here in central Texas our yards look like range land, brown and dead. We have no water or rain. Cows are dying, lakes are drying up, the mariners are dry and people's boats are stuck in the mud which is drying up fast in this 100 degree and above heat. 46 days thus far and31 in a row.


There is nothing we can do, no washing cars, watering grass ordered by the city!


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Wow Fred, 31 days in a row? In central Indiana we've had 14 days in a row and everyone's wilted. I can't imagine 46 days of over 100 degree heat. Guess this is proof that it can always be worse!


Stay inside with a cold beer!



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