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The Debt Ceiling...Raised Or Not!



I'm looking at this issue as a private tax paying citizen in the lower income bracket and retired. That is enough to lose sleep when you just don't know if you wake up one morning and you owe more on your mortgage and automobile payments than you can afford on fixed incomes!


The scary part I imagine for many of us is the congress and senate members being so far apart in what should be done. We know 2 August is the deadline we have to make a decision about this issue. That's less than a week away. Then to see your social security check stop coming and your disability check stop coming I just don't see many of us surviving if the ceiling is not raised. Sure we need to stop spending money as a country when we don't have it. That is the point our members just come to an agree about. Some of them have "Pet projects" for their home state who elected them to congress.


It's going to hurt many of us here at stroke net. We have one household member working while the other member is trying to recover from a stroke or in some cases no one holds a paying job while caring for the other household member. Perhaps if we were retired on salaries like the congress members and the President gets after their term it wouldn't be so devastating to survive.


I hope they get their act together and get the job done so the United States don't default on our loans held by other countries! Many of us would be in a big bind trying to pay our bills with the added interest. Even on credit cards with variable interest rates will hurt very much.


I guess we could say a prayer that we get it right and not blame the President or each other at this point. I for one is losing sleep and have been in touch with those companies I owe and I'll be glad when we know what will happen before 2 August 2011.


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"we could say a prayer that we get it right and not blame the President"


Well who crammed obama care down our throats and spent 800 billion+ on a stimulus and we have 9% plus unemployment???????????

I don't blame Obama/Pelosi/Reid for doing what they are doing, it is just so their sorry butts have cradle to grave health care while this vet can't get teeth fixed or PT to rehab more from a stroke


H*ll if I could screw the american public as thoses evil b//tards are doing I guess that at this point of the recovery I would do just as they are doing


Proud to serve when I did but, it tis a bit tough to swallow when I see inept "elected leaders"

and knowing the paychecks/benefits they are getting and I have to wait til next March to turn 65

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Guest lwisman


I am finding it difficult to relate to this situation. There is lots of blaming. Who gets blamed depends upon who is talking. I notice that those who publicly make their opinions known are not moving one iota from their position. This is not compromise.


I saw one prediction of TV yesterday that not only will ss checks not go out, but no military will be paid, no govt workers will be paid (including congress), pell grants won't be paid, food programs for children will be cancelled, etc, etc. Draconian. I am amazed. If you have a business in trouble you know you have to find a way to raise revenue as well as cut back on spending.




Pray for congress. Maybe a miracle will happen. I sure hope so.

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Yes we need to retire on the pensions of the congressmen then we wouldn't have to worry.

How are you doing?



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Lin, I'm holding my breath, I get SS, my 22 year military service retirement and disability.If I don't get either one of them I'm dead in the water. I lose my home, a car and food and I'm not alone I'm sure!


Lord knows how many of us will survive if interest rates increase on homes, autos, credit cards and buying in general.


The Congress just gave themselves a 3,000 raise two months ago, it's not going to hurt them just us poor folks!

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We also live on ssdi. Sometimes it seems to me that our elected officials in Washington don't care about the poor anymore.

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