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been so long, i forgot how to blog



:hiya: took a while to find how to get online for blogging. no real excuses. i've been enjoying my summer dealing with some stuff and just can't believe that it will be aug. in a couple of days. i always get depressed when it's aug. here in the northeast it feels like winter is just around the corner. if autumn was followed by either spring or summer it would be my favorite.


best friend for 50+ yrs. came for a visit and it was almost like being teenagers again. living in the house i grew up in, her old house is just 5 houses down, so we keep a lot of our memories.:bouncing_off_wall: not losing weight like i would like; maybe because i'm eating too much::nuhuh: : . past 2 weeks out to eat for husbands birthday, another friend who i haven't seen in a yr. took me to lunch and today, neighbor took husband and myself belated birthday; out for italian, my favorite. i think this has a lot to do with the scale not going in the direction i want. i have had more stress but that really isn't the reason. i just want to have my ice cream .maybe if i have to let you know how the battle is going i'll be more accountable for what i eat.


.been thinking how fortunate i am to have family around and still have my old friends even if irarely see them. survived our heat wave which was only for a week. i feel so bad for texas and all those that have been dealing with the high temps. for so long and the drought:hot: .we 've been having thunderstorms right along. in fact within a couple of miles, trees were actually uprooted with the wind.had an 85mph microburst. never even heard the term before.rather intense.


i've been missing fred's jokes of the day they were always good for a laugh to start my day.


part of depression and eating is that my foot is acting up and ankle turning way too much. had botox and placed electrodes in different spot so a little better.hopefully i'll get myself back on track.

also worried about 36 yr. old son.

. he has a kidney disease and although specialist has him on 5 b.p medications, they can't get it under control. part of the disease. tues. he had a procedure to determine if there was a blockage. there wasn't. during procedure bp was 202/93. you can understand my major concern.


talked with nephew, a dr. in boston, he said he would read up and discuss condition with other drs. and get back to me with some names.


computer acting up again andnephew 2 is coming next week to check it out. think it may have a virus.


third nephew's wife expecting baby in dec. fourth and final nephew home for a month from jordan. after family reunion 8/13th he'll be heading back and i'll be crying.he and his wife are teaching at the king's academy.


told you in the very begining i could::blah_blah: : wth the best of them.

i think and pray for all my family here daily. missed you, my fault; i know you're always: there. :friends: many of you are dealing with much worse and i send many hugs and warm thoughts your way. blessings lynn


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thanks for update. I am glad you are busy with life with family members. hope your son finds good doctor to sort out his medical issues.



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Lynn, every Mum has family worries so we are all in the same boat.I try to remember to say "This too will pass." We've got to remain calm.


Having said that I guess I shouldn't be up at 20 minutes after midnight because I went to bed early, tried to sleep and couldn' Maybe I'll count sheep or something.



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Well, I hope this August will be the best one in a long time. Keep your head up it won't be rain every day! :happydance:

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Lynn: Fall in New England has always been my favorite time of year: warm days, cool, dry nights. Windows open, wonderful smells. Like you however was reflecting this week on August coming up and winter soon to follow, and where went my fall?


I remember, Pre-stroke those long leisurely mornings: sleeping in, coffee and newspaper and them as a team, dealing with snow or leaves and yard clean up. I am thankful I have those memories. After last winter, hopefully we are set up for some help this year and with that in mind, hope I can look forward again to my New England Fall and all its glories. Debbie

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