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Senior News And Information



Well, the debt deal is signed in Congress I think but still has to pass the Senate I think. I got so lost in this whole affair because it would have affected me greatly in my retirement, disability and Medicare for years to come and many generations after me and my kiddos.


Any way I was glad to see the congress woman who was shot in Phoenix this past January make an appearance in the room greeted by her fellow congress men and women. I suppose now we wait as a strong super power nation and see what happens next!


I am a regular reader of the Senior News that is published monthly in many cities across the US. It covers many topics that most seniors need to read about what's happening that directly affects them. It's kinda like the AARP magazine many of us receive by mail monthly. Most senior centers, hospitals, clinics and the VA will have it displayed near the elevators or waiting areas.

They just launched a website: which should be interesting to seniors everywhere. I haven't been on the site yet but plan to see it tonight. My wife had a Honey-Do list I'm about to finish doing today.


I hope this news paper or the site proves interesting for the seniors because it covers care givers, Medicare and stroke information some people just don't know by being seniors now. I was in that boat, knew nothing about strokes nor what causes them!


I did get a chance to view their new website last night and it wasn't what I had envisioned covering the news they have in the printed papers. They have so much information in the paper that helps older citizens know about what's happening with their government check, Medicare, benefits they may be receiving from a deceased husband/wife and clues to watch out for strokes.


So many retired people draw all kinds of retirements but know nothing about what's happening to the usual cost of living adjustments or what Medicare will cost them the coming year. The housing market information is very helpful to them as well in knowing what things about the house and appliances they can replace and get a break on their taxes.


However the website has games and information to keep seniors busy and reading to keep their minds working!


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Fred, it has saddened us to see your country grappling with this latest debt problem. For countries as for families living within a restricted budget is not easy.


I am always interested in health and well-being articles and am sure others are here so will appreciate the link.



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fred, i too was so happy to see Gabriele Gifford . she is a walking miracle in my book. she still has alot of recovery ahead of her, her arm just hung and she didn't use it and still needing support while standing. for her to be back working so soon is a very good sign. she stood proud, waving at her supporters. she brought tears to my eyes, knowing how far she has come and the hard work needed to get there. i think she is a remarkable woman. i pray for her continued recovery. thank you for the link, it looks like a good read. the debt crisis was real but the media and government caused a panic amongst us americans, that was not needed and our government botched it up in the 1st place. we shall see how it all unfolds. i just pray that they fix the problem without causing more undue stress and more panic to the american people.

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