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enough of feel good blogs now you get my why me blog



I usually like to blog only good things in my life & don't like to do why me blogs, but I don't want blogreaders to think that nothing goes wrong in my life. I guess being human none of us are spared from disappointments & inconviences in life. I guess as long as I can differentiate inconviences from disasters I should do well. now that I am writing about my yesterday's event I am realizing that thank god it wasn't disaster. yesterday while driving our son to his orthodentist's appointment I got into car accident. I rear ended car infront of me. bad thing is that I just found out that I basically totaled our car so might have to buy new car once we come from our vacation. so as they say life is full of good, bad & ugly moments. I guess I should now know something good always comes out if you keep your head above water & keep on treading water something good will eventually come out, maybe nice shiny new car lol. problem is I don't like changes I love my old car & would love to get it repaired so that I can still use it. I was so mad at myself yesterday & felt hubby & kido deserves better wife and mom. I am glad hubby don't share my thoughts, he is kind of guy who always solves problems head on instead of procastinating. harder problem is he gets more determined. I guess God knew what kind of husband is best suited for me. I guess his training as accountant comes handy when dealing with financial things. I guess in long marriages people adapt to cover each others weakness, someday I feel he deserves better wife than me :(







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Asha: don't go there. He loves and adores you. You are thankful that no one was injured and just feeling like you handed the family a big pile of more problems. Could have happened to any one of us. I recently dragged Bruce's pristine (pre-stroke, of course) truck across the ramp. I cried for hours. Bruce just said they don't stay "new" very long. Enjoy your vacation and see what happens when you get back. Debbie

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Think about the book Why Bad Things Happen to Good People. I think this accident will prove to be for the general good. I hope I can some day say that about Jerry's cancer. God has a plan and you are always so positive so get back on the horse. God knew what he was doing when he hooked up your husband and you. Same goes for me. Yes, we are both grateful; don't ever forget it. Hugs, Leah

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Asha, sometimes things that seem bad turns out to be blessings, this seems like one of those times. You probably needed a new car anyway depending how old this one was. I know I need a new one but can't afford it right now!

Fred! :big_grin:

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