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Successfully reached 1 year mark...



Exactly one year ago, I discovered what a great resource this community has in our local hospital when my brain decided to take its little vacation.


Now, I'm doing fairly well --- some minor memory problems (street names are still a bit of a chore to remember and I discovered while watching the latest Harry Potter movie that my entire recollection of the book was gone...)


Needless to say, I'm incredibly grateful that nothing of any great significance is gone; what minor problems I have with feeling and coordination on my right side are annoying but are nothing compared with what could have been...


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Hey Pat,


I agree with each of your statements, stroke net has been wonderful to me for information I never knew until I landed here in 2005. I'm doing pretty good in memory but there are problem that will require a little more time to overcome!


I always say a prayer thinking what could have been if not for the Lord being so good and not ready for me just yet.


I wrote a blog yesterday about my memory, a great read I think, see what you think? Congratulations on one year of recovery so far! :Clap-Hands: :big_grin:


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