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This week



Well this week was interesting because I had my last PT apt, and she taught me how to use my estim unit, which I can use up to three times per day. I got motivation after my mother returned from vacation, thank goodness. I really do like having her around the house. So I used my motivation to call the PCP, and get another script for a new outpatient facility, with uses the Saeboflex. Yay! My last OT felt I had platoeud out because they didn't have the right equipment, and that I have potential to make more gains with the Saoboflex, since I can't open my hand. If you have experience, please share.


My estim unit does seem to reduce my spacticity, so that's good. I got a new recommended neurologist for a month from now. I scheduled my 6 mo MRI and I will see my old crappy neuro to review, and then get a second opinion from to new neuro. You can never be too sure. With all these transitions it's been hard to keep a routine or schedule, and I admit that sometimes I sleep to pass the time when I could be doing something productive, like stretching, or weight bearing. But the estim is new so I've been spending my time doing it.


Transitions make me anxious. At times like these does anyone but me like to go to their room and just think. Not even sleep----just think. Stroke makes everything a nonstop transition. It's at these times when I find that dark stillness soothes. And other times when it makes me more depressed. What to do?


Oh----My dog Paz---I walked him. He's a puller so I had him just in the neighborhood. I was so happy I could walk him! I've been waiting six months to feel balanced and strong enough to walk him. So I just walked him down the block. Maybe that's why I don't feel so depressed today. My dog feels like mine again. He felt like my moms for a long time. This looks like my dog....:dribble:


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Good for you your pets are your best friend in many cases and your mom is always needed around the house and is what makes a house a home. Then there is the old saying, "It's hard for two women to live under the same roof." Keep getting better we're glad you are here and happy and posting!


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Way to go, Christine! Keep up the good work. I too have to have quiet time every day when I can just recharge before the next assault on my deficits. All the best, Henry

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Christine: there is nothing wrong with some time out. As you have read here time and time again, the brain heals with rest and sleep. I still keep to a routine every morning, sure and slow. If for any reason we have to vary it-appointment, repair man; I lose Bruce cognitively for the rest of the day. Never fails. And this is after 2 1/2 years.


Your Estim will reduce pain, but also remind the muscles of their job. Without a physical routine daily, Estim alone will not do the job. Once the areas are loosened up, that is the time to work them. I notice it with Bruce and the arm/hand. He will work a good half hour after his Estim, exercising, stretching. The arm/hand feel different and he is using that to his advantage.


Best news I have heard from you is your renewed interest in your dog. That is a sign of true healing and getting some relief from your depression. Do this every day. It not only helps your body, it will do wonders for your mind and well-being. Debbie

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