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AZ Leah


What a week. Having one person in the household who is ill is one thing, but two is hardly do-able.

Jerry had an MRI last Monday to find out if all was a go-ahead for chemo to start on Wednesday. The oncologist called within a couple hours to tell him the MRI showed quite a few “spots” in his brain. That is not what we wanted to hear. So they switched immediately to radiation to hopefully kill the brain tumors. Dr. Brooks said the good thing is the tumors are very small and they caught it very early. He will have 10 radiation sessions every day but weekends; he had 4 last week. He also now has problem swallowing; he was nauseous early in week but some medication has taken that away. His pain is also worse so his PCP prescribed stronger medication to go along with in-between Vicodan. Tomorrow at his session, he is going to ask if there is any way to know how much the lung cancer is spreading. We are both fearful but will not discuss the “what ifs” yet.


As for me, I’m still in a brace – very uncomfortable but I hope helping the fracture heal. I have an appt with my primary care a week from Wed. My discharge papers say I need to make an appt with my neurosurgeon within 2 wks…don’t know why, he opted not to do surgery and then didn’t see me at all after the first 4 days in the hospital. I plan to call the head of the hospital rehab to find out why he put that in my discharge papers. Also discuss it with my PCP. My home health girls have been great. Last week was mainly shower, wash hair and evaluate. This week will probably be more moving around. I hope to get back into Chat when my fatigue and healing improves. I miss you all.


I am so frustrated because of what I cannot do with this fracture and now Jerry can’t do what he normally did due mainly to pain, fatigue and mood. One friend has really stepped up to the plate. I know it is up to us (me) to call if we need help – sometimes that is hard, but I’m going to have to start doing it.

I will keep you posted. Thanks for your comments and prayers; keep them coming, we are just one couple who need them. My prayers go out to everybody having a hard time right now. Hugs, Leah


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Leah, so sorry this is happening to you. It must be very difficult for you to face what has to be done each day. Yes, please call those who have said they will help, give them a list of your most urgent needs if they ask what they can do, and see what they are willing to do.


I used to get the washing off the line for an old man up the road, his health worker put it on, I took it off. It was about ten minutes work twice a week. I also used to take his mail and newspapers up for him as he lived like we do on a very sloping block of land and he could totter down but not back up.


You are constantly in our prayers.



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Leah: I agree with Sue. Do so call on those who have offered to help. This is a very stressful time for both you and Jerry. Be sure both of you rest. As those well-meaning friends if they could provide a casserole or stew that you could freeze for bad days. and let the caregivers take care of laundry, light housekeeping. Other than that, everything else can wait. You can always do banking enroute to radiation and take an afternoon or two to do bills for the month. Please take care and know I am praying for both of you. Debbie

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Having that one person is hard but the good thing is both of you are still here and recovering. That says it all to me. I'm glad you are home and I'm still praying for Jerry that the doctors can catch all the spots and cure them.


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Leah I am so sorry to hear this news. Bill is on the last chance chemo for his cancer its a week to week thing Its difficult and you will be in our prayers Karen

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Karen: I am so sorry that you are going through this also. He has 2 more radiation treatments on his brain before they know if he can start chemo. Yesterday was awful; today after a long nap he can eat a little more, but I know he is still dehydrated.I cannot imagine watching your loved one and soulmate get worse like this. I am trying to be strong and will pray for you and Bill. I know miracles happen because I am still alive. Love, Leah

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leah, you know you and jerry are in my thoughts and prayers. i am so sorry you are dealing with all of this, with all you have been through. its difficult to deal with your health and now jerry's. be optimistic and hopeful the cancer can and will be stopped dead it its tracks. and that you will heal again with time. i agree with the others, do use the help you need from others. i really utilize my home health services, my aide comes 3 times a week and does my light housekeeping along with helping me with my showers or anything else i really need. she is wonderful. therapy comes 4 times a week and the nurse 1 day a week to monitor my bp and does a good exam when she comes. its funny, she has a fear of my dogs, although none of them would hurt her, they just bark when shes here, so i have to make sure they are secure somewhere before she comes over. she sticks her head in the door crack before she enters the house. its really funny, she is from india. and loves what she does, i am lucky to have her. anyway, please don't worry to much about your situation, it will get better with time. our prayer warriors are all praying for you and jerry. take care of yourself and remember to not sweat the small stuff.

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