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The Curious Case of Benjamin Button



There is a movie called The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0421715/


Benjamin Button ages backwards. And that is sort of what vascular demnetia is like. But unlike the movie here it is, in my living room, in the man who used to be so funny, so on top of things.... a second degree black belt, with an amazing talent for playin bass guitar.


He hasn't lost too much yet, but he has lost enough to know there are problems - and it frustrates him immensely! I suspect some of the little strokes have been in his temporal regin because he is now very quick to snap at me and often is impulsive.


It must be overwhelmingly frustrating to be in his position. But now, whenever he snaps at me I know it is the strokes and not me.... and (for now, today) I can simply reflect back to him that it was inappropriate to snap, and that we are going to have a polite conversation. Usually that is enough to set things back to calmness.


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Bethel: you have taken on a major task and I am thankful that he has such a wonderful person in his life who is willing to put her life aside to help him recover.


Put his musical equipment away for now. I have Bruce's in storage, but in all fairness, Bruce will probably never get enough of his right hand back to be able to play and not get frustrated. Your husband may be different. He may, however, be able to write music. There are programs for the computer that help with that. However the black belt does come in handy. There is Tai Chi-Chin (I think) that is recommended for the stroke survivor. That may be something to look into once professional therapy is ended: PT, OT. Bruce's college roommate is looking into it for Bruce.


You are getting the hang of this, I see. One day at a time. And yes, abuse of any sort is not tolerated. Best, Debbie

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I'm hoping things will sorta come together like a meeting of the minds and the anger if any will subside shortly!


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