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Caring For Our Parents And Matters After Passing



Well, on the spur of a moment I am making another short trip on Sunday morning with my wife. She has to attend to some business matters concerning her mom who passed last year! I suppose we will in one way or another have the job of caring for our parents for many years of our lives once we are grown up ourselves. Even after they pass!


We either care for them health wise in their homes or our homes or a nursing home facility. One thing for sure if we live as long as most of them our kids will have the same tasks when our turn comes. More kids (us) are caring for their parents these day than we know about. It seem to be a trend sorta which will continue to evolve as long as people are expected to live longer lives. Is it a good thing? Who knows, I just wish we didn't have to live as stroke survivors. I think we would enjoy old age a bit more without being disabled.


At 750 thousand stroke in the USA alone each year the chances are great strokes will still be around many years from right now. I do hope the long term facilities are a lots better by then and staffed with all caring employees that are well paid. After all it's not free for us to have a parent stay in a facility. Most of the money any older person gets will be put towards their stay in the facility. I think if you have room in your present home and time for their care that would be the best thing to do. JMO!


My wife's mom came to live with us in Texas the last month before she passed at 84 years young last year. We all took her passing pretty good since 84 years is considered a long life. I hope to get that far along when my time comes around! We still relish her memories as a loving lady and mother.


You know back in the early 1900's until about the 1950's life insurance and burial insurance policies cost very little and very little was made in the way of wages. So when they live just short of a hundred years it cost 20 times more to bury them than the policy was worth after all those years! I would guess that at the most a burial policy was written for funeral expenses not exceeding 1500 dollars as it was with my mom in 1981 when she passed!


Things like that makes these short trips necessary when you or the wife is that family member to oversee the finances and it has to be done in person in that city and state. Do they think you will try to burn them for a lot of money or do they know they have already over charged you and want to see you sign the papers? I guess that prevents you filing a law suit later!


At any rate we plan on returning in 3 or 4 days so I will be out the loop for those days and making my appointments upon returning at the VA the next couple days! Thought I would write my next Blog today! I will be asleep shortly since I drive first or maybe all the 525 miles/8 hours!



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Fred, it is amazing how much paperwork there is involved with death. But someone has to do it and it is one last thing you can do for those you love.


Enjoy the trips, the opportunity to sit in the car, look at the scenery, share a conversation, just be together.



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Guest lwisman


My Dad, who has been dead for 22 years, still gets mail. It is not simple to take someone out of the system.


Hope all goes well for you guys, Fred!


Take care,


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Fred: safe trip and an eye to the weather please.


Bruce is set up for a trust if anything should happen to me first. I am sure you can just imagine that paperwork nightmare! I chose well and wisely in selecting my Executor. Some family members are not happy, but they are not capable of tending to his matters as well as their own. This I know.


Blog when you get back and do have some fun time. Best, Debbie

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