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where's my good news?



I keep saying this idea of bringing Ray back home is do-able but now not so do-able as I'd hoped.


I just went into Gosford Hospital for what was supposed to be an evaluation interview. Only the doctor turned up to it in the social workers office. I took Edie with me as my back-up as Trev has a really nasty dose of flu so we told him "bedrest and warm drinks" and left him at home.


The doctor was a young Asian woman and really explained Ray's conditions well. Unfortunately he now has two new diagnoses pertaining to the heart, Atrial Fibrillation and Atrial Flutter and he is on warfarin for that. He also has hypos at night so his diabetes is now considered unstable. He still needs two person assist for walking and is now getting weaker rather than stronger.


I wanted to ask if there was any good news.


Apart from that the plan is still to bring him home, he can die here cheaper than at hospital. But with all of this he still has his pink cheeks and his blue eyes and looks well...


The social worker is really trying to get a plan into place for me. She said when he is transferred back to XXX hospital for his continued slow stream rehab she will send a set plan with him and they will have to stick to that. Excuse me being cynical but she does expect a lot...sweet little thing that she is, fresh out of her training and so sure of her view of the world. She must have caught my look because she said; "I know all this sounds a little Pollyanna...". Isn't it a shame we can't get all the help we so desperately need?


Edie asked a couple of sensible questions, she will report all she heard back to Trevor so he is in the loop too. We went back and sat next to Ray in the hope that the OT would meet up with us there but she didn't show up. They are understaffed and I guess she might have been covering for someone else.


Ray was obviously sat down in his chair to wait for us and was busy falling asleep. I prodded and poked him to keep him awake. Eddie laughed when I laid my hand on his arm and he jumped. He looked very tired. I did re-iterate what we had been told in simple terms but assured him he would be coming home again. I think in the end that is our only plan. I have also been told there will be a falls prevention program for us as well. This should include some instructions on lifting, maybe the suggestion I hire a lifter and some ideas on how to use the furniture to get him up. I did one years ago but a refresher would be welcome.


In the interview we also touched on getting the diabetic educator back in the picture and some more in-home physiotherapy. Of course the staff in the other hospital will have to sign off on that too.At this stage I will take any help I can get, this is the only way I will manage. The saying :"many hands make light work" comes to mind.


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Guest lwisman




Sorry to hear about the problems with Ray. It sounds as if the appointments with medical personnel helped to shed some light.


Whatever you decide will be the right decision. Good luck. Your friends at The Stroke Network are thinking about you and sending positive energy in your direction.



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I am amazed by your strength & resilience with Ray's health problems this time around. you are strong woman. I know with that strength light at the end of tunnel is just around the bend. hang in there fot little longer. you both are in my thoughts & prayers.



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Sue: just some quick questions I am sure you have already asked of the Acute Hospital. In the Doctor's opinion is Ray's blood level stable now for the AFib and AFlutter and has his Cardiologist agreed to the therapeutic level the warfarin is at? And if he is requiring Insulin overnight, when the body is not getting any more food in, perhaps his daytime scales should be adjusted. Hospitals know it is easier to just adjust Blood Sugars with Regular Insulin. Makes it easy on the Staff. However, maybe Doc should look at his oral medication dosing or his long acting insulin dosing so that overnight less adjust needs to be made. This is just to get him home to you all. You will have to have a blood testing machine for his Warfarin dosing-same procedure you do for his Insulin.


So basically my question for the Doctor, not the cute little Social Worker who actually thinks that she has pull at another facility (is she going to be checking in with them-and what is she prepared to do if they are not following her plan?) Ray's INR must be stable and a clear range for therapeutic INR must be established before he goes anywhere. Hopefully there is a Cardiologist overseeing this. And I would ask for a review of his Diabetes medicines and the record of his blood sugar testing. It souunds to me like Ray's Doctor is right on the case but the real question is "is he MEDICALLY stable, from a Cardiac and Diabetic standpoint, to risk sending him to a SubAcute facility." From what I gather there is little aggressive medical help there, you said they were a waiting point for further transfer. Consider keeping him right where he is until you are sure he is stable. You know you are both in my thoughts and prayers and I wait for your updates. Thank you and rest. So glad Edie was with you and quick recovery to Trev. Debbie

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That meeting is not what I thought it would be.


I agree with Debbie. The cardiologist consult and endocrinogology consult are very important.


They need to get his heart and diabetes stable so that you can do the rest of the stuff at home.


Yes, phiso needs to give you refresher courses on what to do in case of a fall. For me that is calling 911 and getting help.


See you next week.


I will keep you all in my prayers.



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