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1st Anniversary approaching



As my 1st anniversary of my stroke approaches, I have to count my blessings that I have made the progress that I have.


My Doctor told me that with the type of stroke that I had, I should be in a wheelchair.


My left arm and leg continue to give me problems but I try to work thru them.


I am not sure if they are phantom or caused by fatigue.


I was in an interview when my stroke occurred, I thought I was having a panic attack.


Needless to say it was not a panic attack and I did not get the job.


I am not working now and some day I hope to get back in the job market.


I have a MRI coming up and hopefully everthing is looking good.


If I have to have another angiogram I think I'll scream. It's not the test it's having to lay still for 6 hours after.






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hi Mike:


welcome to wonderful world of blogging. first year id the hardest to deal with emotionally & physically. but as years go on you will find your new normal & wil get comfortable with your post stroke life. hope to see you around more often in our blog & chatworld.



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Congrats on beating a bad prognosis!


How scarred is the person that interviewed you? Have you considered applying there again, just to mess with them? Alright, that was uncalled for dark humor.




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Welcome to the blog community. By your posting I can see you have made some progress and have a great attitude and that will make life better for you.


Keep telling us the story of your progress, it is an encouragement to others too.



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I spent nearly half my first year of recovery still in the hospital and therapy. You are blessed. Take care and happy anniversary coming up! :happydance:


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